New Scandinavian Design

New Scandinavian Design

At Bolia, we make furniture. But we’re not an ordinary furniture company. We’re a design company that puts creativity at the heart of everything we do. All our furniture is shaped by the Scandinavian aesthetic characterised by sleek silhouettes, clean lines and beautiful functionality. An aesthetic rooted in and inspired by nature’s own materials with a deep respect for the environment, all to create beautiful furniture built to last, to love and to keep.

We’re proud of our heritage, but just like the Scandinavian seasons, we’re not afraid of change. We’re constantly working to push the boundaries of New Scandinavian design. That’s why we work with some of the finest designers from all over the world. Our talented design collective is a beautiful stable of upcoming talents and established names all from different corners of the world offering their own unique perspective on Scandinavian design. Inspired by the colours and materials found in mother nature, complemented by a minimalist attitude and sustainable materials, each design is built to last, and created to support, add to and reinvent Scandinavian design as we know it. And for us, that is New Scandinavian Design. Not just a tradition, but a mind-set.

Each year our talented designers take Scandinavian design to a new creative level, with a new collection, this year it’s named ‘New Scandinavian Design’ and is a tribute to our heritage and proud traditions. Sustainability is the starting point for every single one of our designs and the collection is our most sustainable one to date, introducing eco-friendly dyes, recycled polyester, FSC-certified wood and organic cotton. These are just a few examples of our many sustainable efforts. Because we truly believe that the very best thing we can do for the world today is to make something long-lasting and pass it down from generation to generation.

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