The Lifestyle Collection

A rare tranquility

The Soft Collection homewear set promises elegant and luxurious comfort at home, created in a premium blend of linen and cotton that is OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certified to be completely safe for you and your family. Stonewashed for that exquisitely soft feel.

The Soft Collection kimono is made from a luxurious blend of linen and cotton of the finest quality, certified according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®, and thus completely safe for you and your family. The fabric has been stone washed twice to give it an exclusive, soft feel.

The Soft Collection sleeping mask has a tie closure to ensure a perfect fit, and soft terry cotton on the inside that is comfortable against the skin all through the night.

Designed by Meike Harde

Take a deep breath and enjoy a revitalizing break. The Lenya yoga mat and accessories allow you to develop mindful habits in the comfort of your own home – made of cork, linen and a foam made from 30% recycled polyethylene, with a subtle play of colour and various textures that will stimulate your senses. Beautiful enough to not store away after every use and finished with practical details like handles and straps for carrying.

Light and soft to the touch but made with a strong and durable canvas of 100% recycled cotton. The Simbel tote bags are foldable and very spacious – perfect for everyday use and weekend getaways.


We have developed a fragrance for our stores that helps stimulate the senses. A fragrance that you can bring into your home. Milieu is composed of carefully selected fragrances, such as Mediterranean lavender, geranium flower, sandalwood, white amber and crystal musk.

Soft Collection Pouches

Add a touch of luxury to your everyday routine with high-quality pieces made in linen and cotton in soft colour tones. The Soft Collection pouches fit all your toiletries and beauty essentials, constructed with functional details and a zipper that doubles as handle strap.

Immerse yourself in meditative tones and take a break from the busy world around you. In collaboration with ambient composer Anders Rhedin, we present a Mindful Sound Bath Session – a guided meditation that exudes deep reverberation and light, soothing sounds that take you into a world of calm and liberating contemplation.

The ultimate everyday luxury

Create a luxurious spa feeling at home with beautiful routines and stimulating breaks in your everyday life. The Aurora spa series is made in Denmark with nourishing and active ingredients and a gentle fragrance with notes of refreshing Scandinavian sea buckthorn. All in elegant and refined packaging that creates an exclusive look in your bathroom. The range consists of soaps, creams and body oils, lotions, salt scrubs, lip balms and more, which are all dermatologically tested. Perfect for self-care and well-being.

Designed by Studio Niruk

The Tulip baskets are woven in 100% palm leaves and offer beautiful and simple storage in any room. The baskets are available in several sizes that have the same sculptural shape and are tightly woven with a completely closed surface. Use them as elegant open baskets or add the matching lid.


A sound blanket for relaxation

At SoundCloud, you can listen to our Slow Collection mixtapes, which use slow beats and soft tones to encourage contemplation and calming thoughts.

Designer Emily Broom won Bolia Design Awards 2020 with the Zen series. Her inspiration was the Japanese Zen gardens, which invite contemplation and bring a unique sense of calm. And this is precisely what Zen rugs are intended to do. With their organic design and soft material, they bring a down-to-earth foundation into your interior design. The rugs are hand-woven in New Zealand wool and cotton, and are available in several sizes, tones and shapes.

Designed by Büro Famos

The Plover series is handmade in 100% soft wool or lambswool, knit in a subtle pattern that evokes the delicate structures left behind by waves on a sandy beach.

Designed by Meike Harde

Freda is a series of warm wool plaids and pillows woven in carefully selected premium yarns. The plaids are woven with a delicate pattern, combining softly contrasting yarns to create a subtle colour play in the fabric.





Inspired by the calming tones of Scandinavian nature, and created in the softest cotton and linen. Every design in our Soft Collection is certified according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®, which is your guarantee that they do not contain any harmful substances. Immerse yourself in the tactile designs and be inspired right here.



Soft Collection in a beautiful new shade

An uncluttered appearance, clean lines and a calming colour palette makes our Soft Collection a luxurious addition to your everyday life. Every design in the series is STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®-certified and made in luxurioius linen and cotton. Introducing a new natural shade for the series – sand. Made from STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®-certified linen and cotton.


Sink into soft volumes

Put the day’s stress and busy activities on hold and feel the tranquility flow as you sink into soft, inviting volumes. A spacious lounge sofa, with large modules upholstered in tactile upholstery fabric such as STANDARD 100 by OEKOTEX®-certified bouclé, provides the perfect base for contemplation and relaxation.

Bouclé fabric stimulates the senses with its characteristic surface and inviting softness. Woven using an elegant technique where small loops are combined to create that distinctive texture and feel. Discover our beautiful selection with Monza, Vilme and Memory furniture fabrics, which are all certified according to STANDARD 100 by OEKOTEX®.

Discover our furniture fabrics

Is there anything more soothing than wrapping yourself in soft and warm woollen throws? In luxurious, heavy knits or airy, woven textiles – all handmade in 100% wool, lambswool or cotton in nature’s tranquil, dusty tones.