Beautiful and functional

Create beautiful moments in your home with decorative design series, beautiful and practical storage and soft textiles for the bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. All inspired by nature’s materials and made in a durable quality. Explore new accessories below.

Designed by Denis Guidone

The Mingei vases are named after the Japanese folk art of the 1920s. It is a series of three vases that have the same rounded curves, but in complimentary combinations. Made by hand from stoneware, matte opal glass or clear glass, which all exude a simple, minimalistic and calm expression.



Designed by jüngerkühn

Rheolog is a collection of fine drinking glasses and accessories made from mouth-blown crystal glass and polished stainless steel in rounded, organic forms. A classic, yet modern design series with an elegant look and durable quality that includes designs for both everyday and special occasions. The collection includes crystal glasses and carafes, cafetiere and coffee and tea accessories, as well as designs for creating and serving festive drinks and bubbles.

Rheolog Ice Bucket w/tongs

Rheolog is a collection of fine drinking glasses and accessories made from mouth-blown crystal glass and polished stainless steel in organic forms. The Rheolog ice bucket is made in shiny stainless steel with a double-walled design that keeps the ice cold without condensation on the outside.

Designed by Büro Famos

The Let series consists of beautiful and simple household utensils for the kitchen, home spa and more. Made of tactile oak and ash wood with functional details and a comfortable grip. Each design created to be used and loved for many years to come.


Coast Trays

The Coast trays allow you to style beautiful dishes with an elegant and natural feel, and the sofa trays allow you to rest a cup of tea, cocktail or book on the armrest of your sofa. Designed to fit most armrests and made in Denmark in solid, FSC®-certified oak, shaped by hand into soft, organic shapes.

Designed by Studio Niruk

The Tulip baskets are woven in 100% palm leaves and offer beautiful and simple storage in any room. The baskets are available in several sizes that have the same sculptural shape and are tightly woven with a completely closed surface. Use them as elegant open baskets or add the matching lid.


Your soul room

Home. Your quiet retreat and soul room. A place where you can close the door on your busy everyday life and focus on what gives you peace and well-being – both in your body and your mind. A place where meditative rituals can unfold, allowing relaxation, mindfulness and creativity to flourish. A home where you can breathe, grow and love.

Designed by Meike Harde

Take a deep breath and enjoy a revitalizing break. The Lenya yoga mat and accessories allow you to develop mindful habits in the comfort of your own home – made of cork, linen and a foam made from 30% recycled polyethylene, with a subtle play of colour and various textures that will stimulate your senses. Beautiful enough to not store away after every use and finished with practical details like handles and straps for carrying.

Invite soothing softness into your home. Our Soft Collection features inviting materials that add a luxurious dimension to everyday life. Created with a focus on natural tactility and durable quality, made from the finest linen, cotton and wool – certified according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX.




Soft Collection Kimono

The Soft Collection kimono is made from a luxurious blend of linen and cotton of the finest quality, certified according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®, and thus completely safe for you and your family. The fabric has been stone washed twice to give it an exclusive, soft feel.

As part of our Soft Collection, you can now also get these irresistibly soft and warm woollen throws. Each one is knitted in a unique pattern that can be combined with the rest of the collection’s three beautiful colours. Woven in 100% luxurious wool.



Plover throws

Designed by Büro Famos

The Plover throws are designed by Büro Famos and are handmade in 100% wool. Knitted in a subtle pattern that evokes images of the delicate sand structures left by the waves on a sandy beach. With a unique pattern on each side, which gives an interesting effect when the throw is styled. Available in two thicknesses and in beautiful shades that perfectly match our Soft Collection.



What does STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® mean?

STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® guarantees that a product does not contain unwanted chemicals. When a furniture fabric bears the STANDARD 100 label, you can be sure that all of its components— fabric, thread, buttons, zip fastenings, etc.—have been tested for harmful substances and that the item is harmless to human health. The test is carried out by independent OEKO-TEX® institutes and, in many cases, the limit values go far beyond European and international requirements.

Designed by Büro Famos

Nob is a simple coat-rack made from FSC®-certified oak, which can be adapted as needed to any interior. The hooks are made from 100% recycled plastic and are available in different colours. They can be purchased separately and simply slide on the rail, so you can style your hallway exactly as you wish.



Pit Paper Towel Holder

Pit is a series of elegant kitchen accessories made of oiled oak. The design is inspired by traditional Japanese wooden dolls, reinterpreted with a Scandinavian touch. The pole that holds the paper towels is held in place by magnets and is easily lifted when the rolls need changing.



Organise your smaller belongings with Norie, which allows you to style and display in a mix of transparent, sturdy storage boxes. Made from solid, FSC ® -certified oak with natural or black oiled finish.



Designed by Ferriani Sbolgi

Inspired by minimalist Japanese design language and rich design traditions, Forma pots are handmade from durable stoneware for a timeless look. Each item combines a square base with a rounded top, giving the series a harmonious and unique design language.



Designed by Sanna Völker

Podium is a series of outdoor pots in an elegant design that fits just as beautifully into classic architecture or modern buildings. Made of fibre concrete that makes the flowerpot a simple, durable sanctuary for your plants. A drainage hole at the base ensures that your plants thrive, but also makes the pot optimal for outdoor use.



Falda is an eye-catching series of vases and candleholders. With clean lines and an architectural design, Falda has an understated, minimalist look, created in durable stoneware.




Gap is a series of flowerpots designed by the German design duo, BÖTTCHER & KAYSER. Made in durable and light ceramic with beautiful finishes that blend form and function, they are the perfect minimalist base for your lush plants. The stackable design allows you to create green landscapes in different heights and levels in your home.





Torch Vaser

Designed by Büro Famos

A series of beautifully and coherently designed vases for table and floor, each with its own unique silhouette. With the complimentary sizes and colours, you can create beautiful arrangements with flowering branches, bouquets and green plants. Crafted in Portugal in durable stoneware.