Dining room

In our new collection, every single dining room design is handcrafted from the finest, purest materials such as FSC-certified wood, and designed using equal parts of traditional and innovative craftsmanship. Each and every design tells a beautiful, breathtaking story of quality and craftsmanship and offers an eye-catching aesthetic that brings time to a standstill. Even if it's just for a moment.

Designed by Glismand & Rüdiger

Link is a series of beautiful tables with an open and elegant silhouette. The table top is made of FSC-certified solid wood, balanced by four slim metal legs that have been lowered into the table top for a clean and stringent surface. The construction also allows for a longer and slimmer table top without compromising the durability or wear resistance of the design. Link is designed by Danish duo, Glismand & Rüdiger, who have incorporated modularity and flexibility in the design. Each table therefore functions as a separate item, or can be placed together in beautiful rows of two or more.

Designed by Andreas Lund

Stay is a beautiful series of chairs with a classic touch. The series' designer, Andreas Lund, found inspiration in traditional wood craftsmanship, and the design gives a clear nod to Danish design traditions. The series balances the old with the new and modern - without compromising on either. Each chair is made of solid wood, giving the design a harmonious and streamlined look. The elegant construction of the chair is clearly visible in the beautiful legs that cross underneath, and the entire design is robustly built and gives each chair a long lifespan.



Designed by Bolia Design Team

The Turned table is made from sustainable, FSC-certified wood and has a durable base supplemented with an aesthetically pleasing exterior. The slim and understated design makes the tables suitable for smaller homes or rooms, leaving just enough space to fulfil different functions and much more. The table base is made from a single turned solid wood block, hence its name, accentuating the discreet yet extraordinary design typical of the entire series.





Cord Series

Designed by Hertel & Klarhoefer Cord is a series of sideboards and highboards made of solid oak. The look is heavy and solid, contrasted by the columns in woven paper rope, resulting in an airy and eye-catching front.

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Designed by Hans Thyge & Co.

Designed with comfort and the body’s natural position in mind, Seed is designed to embrace you and provide exceptional comfort. From the seat’s soft curves, the front’s slight inclination and the flexible back, Seed offers you extraordinary comfort and excellent lumbar support. Seed is also made from recycled plastic and FSC-certified wood, and the construction is strong enough to withstand even the toughest quality tests.



Story Bar

Story is an elegant series of handmade side, coffee and bar tables. Each design features the distinctively airy front formed by the elegant wooden columns. Transparent enough to show off your favourite items or just covered enough to conceal them behind the playful front. The designers behind it, Anna Karnov & Clara Mahler, wanted to create a long-lasting design that meets changing needs and wishes. Emphasised by quality craftsmanship and the natural oak that changes character over the years and makes each table unique with its own original and beautiful story. The tables are made of FSC-certified wood and each table is assembled with six bolts that are creatively hidden from the naked eye.

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Frank Bænk

Designet by e-ggs Designed by Italian design studio e-ggs, Frank is a practical addition to dining rooms, offices, lobbies and hallways in the modern home or workspace. The idea stems from Frank’s durable and elegant steel frame, which not only provides extraordinary support and comfort, but also elevates the design to graceful heights. Frank features a beautiful curved silhouette and is moulded to create a lightness and inviting comfort that will last for years. A beautiful design for both private homes and public spaces, which creates a luxurious and durable backdrop with effortless elegance.

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