Dining room

Excellent craftsmanship

Natural materials and durable quality. Every dining room design is created by hand from the finest materials, such as FSC ® -certified oak, and designed with the focus on equal parts traditional and modern craftsmanship.

Designed by Dazingfeelsgood

The Latch series from Dazingfeelsgood won our Bolia Design Award 2017 and is still a beloved part of our collection. The Latch dining table is a sculptural and eye-catching piece of furniture for the dining room, made of solid, FSC®-certified oak with organic shapes and asymmetrical legs.


Designed by Studio Nooi

The Ronya dining table is a beautifully crafted dining table with a concealed extension leaf. With a unique butterfly mechanism, the table top can be extended in just two simple movements. Made by hand with legs in solid FSC®-certified oak and a tabletop in oak veneer or laminate – the perfect focal point in any dining room.


Designed by Studio Nooi

Upgrade your dining room with the refined Visti. This comfortable chair and dining sofa is inspired by classic, mid-century Scandinavian design, but updated with a thoroughly modern expression. Customise it with your choice of upholstery fabric to perfectly match your interior.


Designed by Studio Nooi

Italian designers Studio Nooi have created the Kite chair in a stackable design—which is difficult to achieve in solid wood—with a light yet striking design inspired by the natural power of the Nordic wind. The curved backrest is made of steam-bent, FSC®-certified oak, ensuring good sitting comfort. Available with or without an upholstered seat.

Designed by Studio Nooi

Experience timeless style and quality with the Kala bench. Designed by Italian Studio Nooi and made from solid, FSC®-certified oak – a beautiful piece of furniture that can be appreciated from all angles.


Swing in colours

Swing – Colours Edition is a special edition of our popular Swing dining chair, with the same beautiful handmade quality and elegant Scandinavian lines. The chair comes in three monochrome colours, in FSC®-certified oak and upholstered in luxurious STANDARD 100 by OEKOTEX®-certified bouclé.

Designed by jüngerkühn

Rheolog is a collection of fine drinking glasses and accessories made from mouth-blown crystal glass and polished stainless steel in rounded, organic forms. A classic, yet modern design series with an elegant look and durable quality that includes designs for both everyday and special occasions. The collection includes crystal glasses and carafes, cafetiere and coffee and tea accessories, as well as designs for creating and serving festive drinks and bubbles.

Rheolog Ice Bucket w/tongs

Rheolog is a collection of fine drinking glasses and accessories made from mouth-blown crystal glass and polished stainless steel in organic forms. The Rheolog ice bucket is made in shiny stainless steel with a double-walled design that keeps the ice cold without condensation on the outside.

Case is a series of practical and beautiful storage solutions for the home and workplace. The modules and sideboards are available with elegant fronts in grooved glass, providing a stylish and practical solution for organising. The glass doors enable users to see the contents, while the fluted design adds a touch of modern elegance.


Case Storage Box

The Case storage box creates a warm and inviting atmosphere in your home. The open design allows you to elegantly display fine objects, porcelain or other decorative accessories, while the slim lines and natural oak give you a tactile elegance that combines both practicality and beauty.

Designed by Meike Harde

A series of voluminous and airy pendants with a natural and relaxed feel. Each pendant consists of rings of oak veneer carefully suspended from a thin cord tied through each ring. The LED top emits a soft and dim light through the shade. Available in several sizes that can be hung in atmospheric clusters with a transparent expression.


Designed by Büro Famos

The Let series consists of beautiful and simple household utensils for the kitchen, home spa and more. Made of tactile oak and ash wood with functional details and a comfortable grip. Each design created to be used and loved for many years to come.


Pit Paper Towel Holder

Pit is a series of elegant kitchen accessories made of oiled oak. The design is inspired by traditional Japanese wooden dolls, reinterpreted with a Scandinavian touch. The pole that holds the paper towels is held in place by magnets and is easily lifted when the rolls need changing.

Dining room guide

What size should you buy, what shape should it be and in what kind of material? Choosing the perfect dining table isn't always easy, which is why we’ve created a guide to help you find the perfect designs for you.

Designed by Michael H. Nielsen

Kari is a versatile design, created by Danish Michael H. Nielsen, with elegant proportions, simple craftsmanship details and components that make it easy to assemble and mount on the wall. The low version can be placed freestanding along a wall or used as an elegant room divider.


Designed by Quaglio Simonelli

Aluna was created with an architectural eye for detail. With a subtle interplay of lines, asymmetry and balance, Aluna’s voluminous lampshade almost seems to float. The floor lamp and table lamp have a rotating shade that adds functionality to the design. A design language that gives each lamp a playful and classic expression.


Designed by Oliver Schick

Fluire lamps have an eye-catching, enigmatic look. The LED light source has a downward light but also illuminates the outer glass layer to create a balanced effect and beautiful gradation of brightness, transparency and colour.


Coast Trays

The Coast trays allow you to style beautiful dishes with an elegant and natural feel, and the sofa trays allow you to rest a cup of tea, cocktail or book on the armrest of your sofa. Designed to fit most armrests and made in Denmark in solid, FSC®-certified oak, shaped by hand into soft, organic shapes.

Designed by Michael H. Nielsen

Designer Michael H. Nielsen created the Graceful series based on the motto 'less is more'. The details are kept to a minimum, and the series includes a bench and various tables such as desks, dining tables and coffee tables, all sharing the characteristic unbroken surface that underscores the pure, classic design inspiration. Graceful is FSC®-certified and is available in different sizes, shapes and formats.