Dining room

Excellent craftsmanship

Natural materials and durable quality. Every dining room design is created by hand from the finest materials, such as FSC ® -certified oak, and designed with the focus on equal parts traditional and modern craftsmanship.


Designed by Michael H. Nielsen

Piro was designed with the aspiration to create a table as the natural gathering place for family and friends, using only the finest natural materials – solid marble and oak. A table that will last for generations.





Designed by Studio Nooi

Crafted with a solid oak frame and an upholstered seat in moulded foam, Join seamlessly blends luxurious fabric or leather with smooth oak wood for a continuous, rounded look made with refined details.




Designed by Studio Nooi

A timeless and elegant dining chair, Inspired by Scandinavian classics. The design harmoniously blends a minimalistic look and natural materials, emphasising smooth volumes and tactile sensations.




Designed by Henrik Sørig

Rooted in the belief that furniture should be made to support human actions, Henrik Sørig has designed the Fenri chair with an intentionally understated look with few, beautifully crafted details in focus.




Merge Dining Chair

Designed by Studio Nooi

Crafted in solid FSC® certified oak, the Merge chair by Studio Nooi exudes timeless, soft minimalism and strong durability. Smooth, rounded volumes enhance the natural qualities of oak, making it a warm and welcoming addition to any dining room.



Designed ny Michael H. Nielsen

Characterised by sleek lines, poetic angles and solid, FSC® certified wood, Graceful tells the story of great craftsmanship and timeless longevity. It now comes in a new oversized version of 105 cm width for even the large family gatherings.

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Dark oiled wood


Designed by Studio Emily Broom

The colours take inspiration from nature – sand, stone and earth, woven in 100% luxurious wool that is naturally durable and stain resistant. The rugs have an elegant, linear texture that beautifully blends into any interior.