Lighting allows your home to show off its best side, helping you define spaces and create moods. From gently illuminating ceiling lighting to mood-creating table lamps, your lighting needs to be adaptable to the mood and time of day – and from work to relaxation.

Campa Series

The Danish design studio, Spant Studio, is behind Campa. A series of lamps, where each one takes ownership of its unique signature, but where the distinctive design is echoed in all versions. The inspiration behind the design was to create a simple design without too many components, which would still catch the eye. The light source and shade's material have been carefully selected to do just that. The shade is made of opal glass, which creates a calming atmosphere for the eye and mind. The design of the shade creates a downward light, as well as through the semi-transparent glass, and the small grooves on the side of the shade are a stylish detail.



The designer behind Quaglio Simonelli created the Aluna lamp with an architectural eye for detail. Drawing from the subtle interplay between lines, asymmetry and balance, Aluna's shade has been deliberately positioned to make it almost seem to float and be partially fragmented from the base. A design language that gives each lamp and element a playful, yet classic edge. Aluna is available in several finishes and has a rotatable shade that adds increased functionality to the design.



Like beads on a string. Perfectly rounded glass balls create a reflective, shining light in any room. The Orb pendant's light creates an exclusive atmosphere, and has a clean, pared-back effect as well as being refreshingly casual. The combination of brass and glass adds an industrial edge to your home.



Reflection Series

Designed by Asger Risborg Jacobsen

Reflection was designed with the idea and aim to create something simple, elegant and timeless, a design that embraces and highlights the basic features of a lamp, namely the light source and the shadow. The designer Asger Risborg Jacobsen decided to accentuate two basic components and separate them from each other, providing a beautiful reflection and play between the shadow and the soft light source. A beautiful design with a timeless yet dynamic look.

Designed by Michael H. Nielsen 

Donut is a rechargeable outdoor lamp designed by Michael H. Nielsen. The elegant design is inspired by the shape of the famous American cake, and the concept is to create a mindful lamp with a clear function and practical aesthetics. Donut can be switched on and off with a quick hand movement and provides up to 24 hours of light when fully charged.




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