Beautiful lighting

Lighting allows your home to show off its best side, helping you define rooms and create moods. From ceiling lighting to evocative table lamps, your lighting needs to be adaptable to the mood and time of day, and from work to relaxation.

Designed by Studio Finna

Complete your home office space with the perfect desk lamp. Scribe has a sculptural design with a traditional yet modern look and elegant details. A desk lamp with great functionality, as the light can be adjusted to suit your needs during the day.



Acorn Lamp Series

Designed by 365° North

The Acorn lamp series is designed by Danish 365° North and consists of a pendant lamp and table lamps that all share a charming, organic design, inspired by the characteristic acorn shape. The lamps are made from FSC®-certified oak and opal glass, with the cable as an elegantly integrated part of the design. A lamp that is beautiful whether it's switched on or off.

Designed by Studio Niruk

Lunaria is a series of lamps that can be styled individually or into decorative clusters. Inspired by the traditional Japanese paper lamps, with a rounded, organic look that changes its shape from every angle. The screen is made of a fine, translucent fabric that beautifully diffuses light.

Designed by Meike Harde

The elegant and sheer fabric adds a light, playful effect to the Balloon lamp and reflects the light in an almost hypnotic way. Balloon features precise, hand-sewn details all down the side – details that have required a special technique and a very steady hand.

Designed by Spant Studio

The Danish design studio, Spant Studio, is behind Campa. A series of lamps with a distinctive, elegant and shaped shade in fluted opal glass and with beautiful, handmade wood details. The series has now been expanded with a pendant with a beautiful, impressed Ø50 cm screen.

Designed by 365° North

365° North has designed the Piper series, which comprises wall lamps, floor lamps, pendants and more. A simple and stringent design with an industrial touch. Now the lamps come in an elegant grey tone that fits beautifully into a Scandinavian home.


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