Elegant storage furniture

Your home should have room for all your belongings, big or small, and this requires storage space. The right storage furniture and accessories make it easy to create order and an airy sense of space and tranquillity in every room in your home.


Designed by Ramos Bassols

Crafted from solid FSC® certified oak and oak veneer, the Daia series allows you to organise your living space in a thoughtful manner while being a beautiful piece of furniture itself.




Designed by Hertel & Klarhoefer

Cord is a series of sideboards and high boards, which are made of solid oak that creates a heavy and solid expression, contrasted by the strings of braided paper rope that create an airy, eye-catching front. And the paper-thin braiding is certainly something very special. Danish Cord is developed and produced in the small Danish town of Randers, with local influences reinforcing its origins of good, solid craftsmanship.




Designed by Studio Nooi Meike Harde

A minimalist range of sideboards, bookcases, and dressers made by hand with superior craftsmanship, offering an elegantly understated aesthetic for your space. The design features discreet and sophisticated details, such as the diagonally cut shape on the doors and drawer fronts which create an effect that changes throughout the day as light and shadow shift.