Elegant storage furniture

Your home should have room for all your belongings, big or small, and this requires storage space. The right storage furniture and accessories make it easy to create order and an airy sense of space and tranquillity in every room in your home.

Designed by Michael H. Nielsen

Kari is a versatile design, created by Danish Michael H. Nielsen, with elegant proportions, simple craftsmanship details and components that make it easy to assemble and mount on the wall. The low version can be placed freestanding along a wall or used as an elegant room divider.


Case offers practical and beautiful storage solutions for the home and workplace. Including both open and closed units, shelving units, sideboards, chests of drawers and much more, which can be combined to create tailor-made storage for any room.


Case Storage Box

The Case storage box creates a warm and inviting atmosphere in your home. The open design allows you to elegantly display fine objects, porcelain or other decorative accessories, while the slim lines and natural oak give you a tactile elegance that combines both practicality and beauty.

Now with grooved glass doors

Case is a series of practical and beautiful storage solutions for the home and workplace. The modules and sideboards are available with elegant fronts in fluted glass, providing a stylish and practical solution for organising. The glass doors enable users to see the contents, while the fluted design adds a touch of modern elegance.

The Case shoe cabinet is a beautiful and practical storage solution. Not only does it keep your hallway tidy by keeping your footwear neat, but the elegant design also elevates the aesthetics and adds a natural and simple expression. Perfect for making it look clean and organised – and keeping your floors tidy.

Friedman Wall Module

Designed by Adam Friedman

An intuitive storage solution created in a spontaneous moment when the function formed the aesthetics and character. Made with beautifully crafted details in FSC®-certified oak, in an uncomplicated design language that allows you to unfold your creativity and combine sections as needed.

Designed by Studio Niruk

The Tulip baskets are woven in 100% palm leaves and offer beautiful and simple storage in any room. The baskets are available in several sizes that have the same sculptural shape and are tightly woven with a completely closed surface. Use them as elegant open baskets or add the matching lid.


The Wave series

The Wave series draws inspiration from nature’s soft, undulating shapes. Created by hand in Europe in solid, FSC®-certified oak, with the oak’s unique grain interacting beautifully with the organic form. The floating shelf is mounted with a concealed suspension for a clean and minimalist look.



Organise your smaller belongings with Norie, which allows you to style and display in a mix of transparent, sturdy storage boxes. Made from solid, FSC ® -certified oak with natural or black oiled finish.

Designed by kaschkasch

The Rod shelving system gives your creativity free rein. Whether you’re dreaming of displaying beautiful belongings, a hanger rail or a desk combined with shelves, this elegant storage system can meet all your needs. Be inspired by the fixed combinations or put together your own design exactly as you want it. 


Designed by Ramos Bassols

Shelves made by hand in FSC®-certified oak, cut in elegant shapes. The shelves have a floating appearance, as the concealed suspension enables them to be mounted flush with the wall. Available in six complementary sizes that can be mounted in many configurations.

House Shelving

Designed by Halskov & Dalsgaard

An elegant shelving system that combines function and aesthetics, so you can effortlessly change the look by moving the partitions. House is made of oak veneer or lacquered MDF, which can be combined or stand alone as required.