Get to know the creators

Aage Østergaard is a Danish furniture carpentry founded in 1964, which today is run by the 2nd generation of the Østergaard family. Over the years, they have developed lasting production partnerships in several European countries as well as in China, but continue to assemble, finish, and package products at their workshop in Denmark - to ensure the quality of each and every piece of furniture. All Aage Østergaard manufacturers are FSC® certified and use all wood waste for heating, either by converting it into biofuel or wood pellets.



Lind has been a cherished partner of ours since 2008, creating exquisite handmade furniture that we love. They make sure to use responsibly sourced wood, all of which is FSC© certified. They are currently working on transitioning from traditional energy sources to renewable solar energy.



Spin Valis specializes in crafting furniture and saw milled wood, all FSC© certified and sourced from the highest quality in Croatia – tracked all the way from forest to the final product. They have managed to achieve circular processes in their production, meaning that any leftover bark and woodchips is being turned into energy material, powering their operations.


HMS is located just a short bike ride from our HQ and have been a trusted partner of ours since 2006. They are invested in being an inclusive and socially responsible workplace, which is why they cooperate with the local municipality to offer flexible working conditions for employees with reduced work capacity or disabilities. Their production is FSC® certified and they are in the process of reducing their energy consumption – in 2023 they had managed to reduce it by 13% compared to 2022.



Kebe has been a trusted partner of ours for more than 18 years, crafting many of our superbly comfortable upholstered designs. They're committed to only use using FSC© certified wood and 100% recycled and biodegradable packaging materials. The team relies on their specialists’ know-how to maintain the high quality and minimize waste, helping to reduce their environmental footprint. Additionally, they collaborate with a partner that turns production waste into RDF – an alternative to traditional fossil fuels.


For over five decades, Kvist has been committed to creating designer furniture of the finest quality and has been a significant partner for us for many years, with production facilities in both Denmark and Latvia. In an effort to reduce their environmental impact, they use wood waste for internal heating and assure all wood applied in our products is FSC© certified. Also, they have been essential for us in achieving the EU Ecolabel certification for our Swing dining chair.



Wajnert Meble is a family company founded in 1985, and their strong family values continue to be at the core of their business. They support employees as well as their families when in need, prioritising their health and safety above all else. And by investing in training and education, as well as language courses, they help them develop skills to become experts in their fields. On the environmental side, the goal is to reduce the amount of production waste by approximately 20% – as well as increase the number of solar power panels by 75% by 2025.


Italsed creates many of our dining chairs and is one of Italy’s most respected chair manufacturers. Since 1983, they have crafted chairs of the finest quality, in exclusively FSC® certified wood. Located in Udine, an area known in Italy as the Chair District, where chairs have been produced since the 1800s. They are a member of CATAS, the largest European laboratory for testing and for applied research in the wood and furniture sector, and consistently reinvest resources into better productions practices.



When it comes to handcrafting undeniably inviting sofas, Softcom has been our go-to partner ever since they helped us create the Sepia back in 2013. Their production is FSC® and BSCI certified, the latter documenting a company's commitment to responsible sourcing and ethical business practices. A proof of which is the fact that their extraordinarily skilled craftsmen and -women, on average, have been with Softcom for more than 10 years.



Actona Poland Sp. z o.o. is all about handcrafted furniture, and they're truly passionate about creating only the highest quality, combining the best of traditional craftsmanship with state-of-the-art techniques. They are committed to more environmentally friendly production methods and have managed to reduce their CO2eq emissions by nearly 35% in recent years. Additionally, they are ISO 9001 certified – meaning that all processes in the company are oriented towards creating long-lasting products.


Since 1961, Hammel Furniture has been synonymous with beautiful carpentry and extraordinary craftsmanship based on Nordic design traditions. They are FSC® certified and at least 70% of the chipboard used consists of recycled wood, produced in Denmark. Their two production facilities in Denmark run on 100% renewable energy.


Massimo specialises in producing rugs and other luxurious textiles in India, leveraging the region's exceptional skill in creating high-quality, handwoven rugs. They are OEKOTEX® STANDARD 100 certified, and most products are handmade from natural materials like 100% pure wool, which improves recyclability and reduces processing steps and CO2eq emissions. As an amfori member, they require BSCI audits from all suppliers and maintain close communication on working conditions and social responsibility. Additionally, all their paper packaging is FSC certified.