Bolia Sofa Sessions

Music inspires our creativity. It makes our heart beat and the atmospheric tones are an important part of our inspiration universe. Especially the electronic type. Immerse yourself in our musical universe and find a beautiful soundscape for both festive moments and quiet contemplation.

You can find our playlist on Spotify. A special combination of all our favourite tracks that will set the mood for hours on end – in fact the same one you'll experience when you visit your local store.

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From time to time, our great DJ friends create a mixtape especially for us, and we’re allowed to share it with you on SoundCloud. Set the mood with these crisp beats – they'll offer you both calm and more up-beat tracks, mixed together in beautiful harmony.

Mixtapes on SoundCloud

Bolia Sofa Sessions

Against inspiring settings of nature, design and artistic installations, we have invited four renowned DJs to take us on their musical journey. Listen, experience, dance and enjoy the beautiful set-ups while taking a meaningful break from busy everyday life.


In collaboration with ambient composer Anders Rhedin, we have created a Mindful Sound Bath Session, which exudes deep tones and light, soothing sounds. A guided meditation that takes you into a world where you can find tranquillity and refuge.

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