The hands that shape our ideas

What are great design ideas without talented hands to bring them to life? Our craftsmen and -women are among the most skilled in the world, sharing our passion for luxurious quality and impeccable craftsmanship. Together, they build and perfect your designs using only the finest and most durable materials – crafting a more beautiful future with every piece of lasting furniture.

Discover the crafting process, the precision and the immense passion behind each piece, in the video below.


The craftsmen and -women building your new sofa and furniture are based in places like Italy, Poland, Germany, as well as Denmark, our tiny home country. In fact, almost all furniture pieces – which account for more than 90% of our total sales – are hand-made in Europe, crafted one piece at a time. Securing the high quality, eliminating overproduction, and minimising the carbon footprint of transportation.
We also have trusted and skilled partners outside of Europe, making some of our beautifully crafted accessories. For instance, all our rugs are made by hand in India and Nepal - home to one of the world’s most exquisite traditional rug crafts.

The map below shows where all furniture and accessories are created, and how many of our designs are produced in each country. Explore more information on every product.

Tailormade for you

We don’t have big warehouses filled with dusty, generic models – your sofa is tailormade just for you, exactly how you want it – in your chosen size, material and fabric. Made with superior craftsmanship and components that can be replaced if needed. And of course, a 10-year warranty.

Our craftsmen and -women are true stars of our business, shaping our ideas and bringing design dreams to life. We are proud to share their stories, who they are, and how they ambitiously work for a lower climate footprint. Get to know the good people behind each design as you explore our collection here at

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Traditional crafts with new expressions

To support our skilled weavers, we are long-time members of the Care & Fair organisation – founded more than 30 years ago to ensure that the millennium-old craft lives on while working for safe labour conditions and access to education and health care for the weavers and their families. And so, all our handwoven rugs proudly carry the Care & Fair label.

Responsibility from the forest to the production floor and beyond

We prioritise the health and well-being of everyone involved in our design universe and take our responsibilities very seriously – continuously working for fair, responsible, and inspiring working conditions. We are proud to be part of amfori BSCI and follow the BSCI code of conduct, ensuring the social rights and safety of all our wonderful colleagues and partners around the world.

Made to last
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