Natural, authentic leather

Natural, authentic leather

In Bolia we work with authentic and natural materials that tell a unique story. Our leather materials are no exception. All of them are selected, pure natural products, which vary in appearance, just like wood and other types of natural products. This means that no two pieces are alike, which helps to tell the material's story. Therefore, each piece of leather will vary in appearance, which is not a fault, but is a natural characteristic of genuine leather that distinguishes it from imitation leather.

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Our leather is hand-picked, carefully selected and originates from free-range cattle, sourced from producers who give animal welfare high priority. Both our leather materials are 100% traceable. This means that we can ensure the quality and know the journey all the way from the producer's hand right to your living room. It gives more transparency, honesty and gives us the opportunity to ensure that what ends up in your home is of the highest quality.

Our leather is also tanned without the use of chrome, and the colour we use to give furniture covering extra lustre is 100% natural and degradable.

All the choices we make and the manufacturers we use are based on a more sustainable and transparent furniture production.

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