If ultimate cosiness, comfort and relaxation is what you're after, then a pouf is indispensable to your interior decor.  A pouf is conducive to a comfortable lifestyle, where you're allowed to stretch out your legs and put your feet up. A pouf or a fabulous huge floor cushion sends a clear signal that there's space for relaxation in the most exclusive way.

Once your feet have become acquainted with a good pouf, you'll never want to be parted from it again.  A lovely soft pouf can be the perfect accompaniment to create a umami effect in your furniture.  Several poufs give your room extra seating, and if you choose a model with storage space, your pouf won't just be an attractive piece of furniture, but also a practical necessity. Put your pouf together with your sofa, favourite armchair or give it a central position in the room.

Trust in your own taste

Exclusive poufs for a relaxed bohemian style at home

Large cushions make your room stand out from the crowd, as they're a rather unconventional way to decorate your home.  Large floor cushions are reminiscent of exotic destinations and the mystery of the East.  If you mix floor cushions with a minimalist Scandinavian style, the result is stunning. Large floor cushions fit perfectly into a casual bohemian style, and are ideal if you appreciate and prioritise a stylish decor and a welcoming and pleasant room.

You can put your own personal touch on poufs from our collection by selecting the fabric and colour that goes best with the rest of your decor. Our poufs and floor cushions are available in different sizes and shapes, giving you plenty of space to give creativity a free rein in your quest for the quintessential pouf.

Put your feet up on a pouf with storage

What could be better than killing two birds with one stone by combining great style with a practical design?  A pouf with storage means you'll always have your essentials at your fingertips, or at your feet, to be exact. At the same time, you'll create a relaxed atmosphere characterised by unique exclusivity. A pouf with storage is a must-have if you're after convenient storage space in a stylish and comfortable package.  

Much more than just a footstool

Our designs are developed for the discerning, the demanding, those who know what they want and how they want it.  Our designs can be customised in a variety of ways and in exactly the way that suits you.  And only you.  You can choose the model, size, cover, colour and material, and combine them so the design reinforces your own identity.  We manufacture everything by hand according to your instructions with the finest materials and a huge dose of love.