Sofa guide

How to choose the perfect sofa

All our sofas are made by hand in Europe, and on every model, we give you a 10-year warranty. All wood is of course FSC® certified, our leather is traceable, and our upholstery fabrics are STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified. So, all you need to worry about is enjoying your new sofa.

Step 1: Are you into a classic sofa or sofa modules?

    • Modular sofas

      A modular sofa can be put together exactly as you'd like and can be adapted to the room in which you're planning on putting it. Over time, you can add, rotate and remove modules as new needs arise – thereby tailoring your sofa to changing interiors, no matter what life brings.

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    • Noora Sofa Series

      Noora's elegant design gives you a modular sofa that combines excellent craftsmanship with aesthetics and comfort. A sofa that is built to last, with a simple look and fine, handmade details that enhance the luxurious design.

    • Cosima Sofa Series

      Soft, inviting and flexible. Does that sound like the right sofa for you? Cosima’s modules are available in two depths and can be combined in a variety of ways. Filled with soft down and feather filling, which is sewn in channels to give superior durability and ensure it retains its iconic shape.

    • Caisa Sofa Series

      Caisa has a feminine and refined look, with simple lines almost floating on the slender steel frame. Combine modules in your own unique composition with open-end, corner or chaise longue.

    • Cosy Sofa Series

      The Cosy modular sofa combines a lineal expression with inviting and soft elements. Made with fine craftsmanship details, such as a solid wood base and an upholstered frame with beautiful piping. A comfortable sofa with a sophisticated expression.

    • Angle Sofa Series

      Angle has an organic and eye-catching design that is reminiscent of Italian 1970s design. With modules in several sizes, depths and shapes that can be combined in classic or asymmetric compositions.

    • Malin Sofa Series

      Designed to last for generations, with removable covers that can be cleaned or replaced as needed. Customise your Malin to suit your aesthetics and interior design by choosing one of the two cushion options – do you prefer a clean and simple look or more of a luxurious lounge atmosphere?

    • Orlando Sofa Series

      Orlando is a modular sofa with a minimalist look and large, inviting surfaces. The modules are simple, with or without back and armrests – combine the square modules in larger or smaller sofas, and use the angled modules to create interesting compositions.

    • Classic sofas

      Clean lines and good seating comfort, with loose cushions in a classic and timeless design. The models range from smaller 2-seater sofas to large corner sofas with space for the whole family. Why not add a chaise longue? Or a pouf or daybed to complete the look.

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    • Scandinavia Sofa Series

      A true classic. The Scandinavia sofa is made to last – with a strong construction, a timeless design language and removable and replaceable upholstery. The series also includes an armchair, sofa bed and poufs.

    • Scandinavia Remix Sofa Series

      Scandinavia Remix is a reinterpretation of the classic, Scandinavia. A timeless sofa with a lighter expression, with minimalist lines and unique comfort and durability.

    • Lomi Sofa Series

      German Meike Harde's intention with Lomi was to combine the distinctive lounge sofa with the more rigorous Scandinavian design universe. The result is an elegant and comfortable sofa with elegant lines and details.

    • Elton Sofa Series

      Elton is a timeless series of sofas, armchairs, poufs and daybeds. With its clean outline offset by the handcrafted oak frame and soft cushions, Elton is elevated above the ground, allowing every handcrafted detail to be on display in its most honest form.

    • Veneda Sofa Series

      Veneda is a beautiful and timeless series of sofas and poufs with removable and replaceable upholstery. Designed with a luxurious expression that is not restricted by fleeting trends and fads, and with a comfortable filling in a mix of down and foam.

    • North Sofa Series

      North is classic and timeless Scandinavian design, created with a characteristic frame in solid wood and elegant craftsmanship details that help to reinforce the quality.

    • Sepia Sofa Series

      Create an elegant lounge atmosphere in your living room with Sepia. A classic, corner or chaise longue sofa with a rich and robust look and characteristic base in FSC®-certified oak.

    • Caro Sofa Series

      Caro is a comfortable sofa with a firm cold foam filling that has an elegant and precise expression. The curved arm and backrest provide comfortable back support while adding a luxurious and refined look to the design.

    • Cloud Sofa Series

      The simple, robust and floating design gives Cloud a minimalistic and contrasting expression and creates a comfortable starting point for sitting back and putting your everyday life on hold.

    • Grace Sofa Series

      The Grace sofas have a sophisticated and feminine design, inspired by the elegant 1970s aesthetic with soft, precise lines that are almost musical in their expression. Place it wherever you choose in the room and let the organic shapes come into their own.

    • Hayden Sofa Series

      Ramón Esteve creates architectural design that speaks to your senses with calming simplicity, and an exceptional attention to detail. The Hayden sofa series is no different. With its generously padded oak wood frame, upholstered in your choice of soft fabric, it exudes a comforting simplicity and adds layers of beautiful texture to your space. Sink into the soft cushions, featuring elegant details, and embrace the comforting tranquillity of home.

    How many seats and how much space do you need? Consider how many people usually sit together in your living room. If you have a lot of space, it's good if the sofa only takes up a small part of the room – so a corner or modular sofa will often be best. In a smaller living room, a 2- or 3-seater sofa will typically be more suitable. If you live in compact space,  a sofa bed could be the solution.

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    • 2-seater sofa

      A 2-seater sofa is a classic and easy choice that doesn't require much space. A 2-seater sofa can work alone or as part of a furniture set-up where there needs to be enough space for both a sofa and one or two armchairs.

    • 3-seater sofa

      A 3-seater sofa takes up slightly more room, but on the other hand creates space for guests and evenings with the family. A 3-seater sofa is ideal for a home where the sofa shouldn't take up too much space visually, but should still provide enough seating space. Combine with armchairs or perhaps a daybed.

    • Modular sofa

      A modular sofa is the perfect choice if you have plenty of space, and dream of the ultimate lounge-style sofa. The most important feature of a modular sofa is its flexibility. You can remove or add more modules any time if your needs change.

    • Corner sofa

      If you've got enough floor space and want a large sofa with room for the whole family, a corner sofa is the ideal choice for you. The corner sofa is good for rooms where many people gather, creating a beautiful setting for long conversations and cosy evenings.

    • Chaise longue sofa

      The popular combination of relaxation and great comfort. A sofa with chaise longue doesn't necessarily take up so much space in the room, but it still gives you all the benefits of a large corner sofa.

    • Sofa bed

      In a studio apartment or in the teenage or guest room, the sofa bed is the perfect sofa. During the day, it looks like an ordinary sofa, but with one simple movement it is transformed into a full-length sleeping space with exactly the same comfort as a bed.

    • Outdoor sofa

      Invite the comfort of your living room outside – with an outdoor sofa. Made from durable and quick-drying materials that have been carefully selected for outdoor life.



    Our collection of upholstery fabrics and leathers is curated in beautiful textures and tones, especially selected to create calm, cohesive spaces, whether you’re after bouclé, linen, velvet, recycled textiles, wool, leather or nubuck. Our Classic sofa cushions can also be ordered in all upholstery fabrics.

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    With its luxurious surface and inviting softness, bouclé fabric stimulates the senses. Woven with an elegant technique, where small loops are combined to create the unique organic texture and feel that characterises the fabric.

    We offer a selection of beautiful upholstery fabrics in recycled materials. Common to them all is a smaller environmental impact and high abrasion resistance – and just as soft and inviting texture as ordinary upholstery fabric.

    Coarsely woven fabrics have a strong quality and feature beautiful, inviting textures that catch the light and awaken the senses. A coarsely woven fabric is better at concealing small colour differences and stains than a flat woven fabric and is blended with both natural and synthetic fibres for superior durability.

    Flat-woven fabrics like linen have an airy, soft and inviting quality that invites nature all the way inside. Natural fibres are durable but are affected by light and use. Therefore, they can be mixed with durable, synthetic fibres to create a result that is both beautiful and practical.

    Velour and velvet fabrics catch the light in an eye-catchingly beautiful way, and are both durable and easy to maintain.

    Our upholstery fabrics in wool are made from 100% New Zealand wool and are characterised by their warm and natural expression – and the irresistible softness.

    Leather is a natural material that changes and patinates beautifully over time. And every piece is unique. All leather that we use either comes from Europe or Australia, which not only ensures that the leather is of the best quality, but also that it comes from places where animal welfare is imposed by law.

    We love creating inspiring spaces. Spaces that invite nature inside and where our furniture outside. That’s why we have a selection of beautiful and durable outdoor fabrics that have just been specially developed for outdoor life.





    Step 4: Which colour should you choose?

    A bold colour on your sofa can look both elegant and luxurious, but the majority of people feel most comfortable choosing classic, muted tones. If in doubt, ask for our advice in your store. Either way, it’s a good idea to see the fabric in your interior design before you decide, as the colour can look different depending on the surroundings. Get fabric samples of up to five of your favourite upholstery fabrics – completely free of charge.

    Removable and changeable covers

    Scandinavia, Veneda, Malin and Orlando Outdoor O2 sofa series are designed with fully removable covers – so you can easily clean your sofa and ensure a long lifetime, while you can adapt your sofa to changing needs and interior design styles throughout your life. Several of our upholstery fabrics are also washable – find the washing instructions on the cover.









    Your sofa will last much longer with a little love and care. We've put together our best tips on how to extend the life of your sofa.

    It's actually pretty simple. We'd like to share our passion for design, craftsmanship and quality with you. And we'd like that passion to last for many years to come. That’s why we offer you a 10-year warranty on all our sofas.