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Below you can find the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

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Can I change the colour/fabric on my item, and how?

You can change the fabric/colour of your order by contacting your nearest Bolia store or contacting our Customer Services at
Please note that you can change your order completely or partially without any conditions or costs within 4 calendar days after placing your order.

If you decide to cancel or change your order after 4 calendar days, we will charge a cancellation fee of 25% of the cancelled product's price (not applicable to pure online purchases). We have to do this because the product is hand made for you, and after 4 days it is too late to change the production. This amount only covers a part of the costs, which subsequently run up for recirculating and handling.


Why should I pay the full amount before I receive my item?

You have to pay the full amount at the time of ordering because we make your furniture especially for you, to meet your precise wishes and needs. Within 4 calendar days of placing your order, you can cancel or change your order completely or partially without any conditions or costs.

Can Bolia help me export my item to a different country to the one I bought it in?

No, unfortunately Bolia is unable to do this.
If you export the item to a non-EU country, you can have the VAT refunded. Simply send the documentation showing the export of the product to our Customer Services, who will then ensure that your VAT is refunded.


Why does the receipt I have received only list the items I brought home from the store?

All the goods still appear on the order confirmation. The receipt isn't produced until the item has been picked up at the Pickup Point or has been delivered.


I can't pick up my item this week. Can I come next week instead? Or can I pick my item up at another time?

If you can't pick up your item on the specified date, you can find alternative collection dates listed on your order confirmation. You don't need to let us know if you decide to use one of the alternative dates, but we'd like you to pick up your item within a week.
Otherwise, we may have to add a storage fee to your order of up to DKK 500 per month.


The fabric under my sofa is broken/has ripped. Does this have any effect on my sofa?

Some of our sofas are provided with transport material to protect the sofa from dust during transportation. The transport material has no function beyond this and is easily torn or broken. Any damage to the transport material does not affect your sofa's quality and will therefore not be considered as a complaint. Just remove the transport fabric if it is damaged – it won't make any difference. 


What should I do if I want to complain about my Bolia furniture? 

If you've been unlucky and received a defective item, you should complete the complaints form (download) and send an email with the order number and a short description of the problem with attached photos to


How long is the delivery time for a new item if I have a complaint?

The delivery time for a new item will be 3-4 weeks. We don't carry stock, so we have to produce a new item for you.


Can I send another person to collect my item from your Pickup Point, and what should he/she take with them?

Yes, you can send another person to collect your item. The person should have his/her own ID with them and your order confirmation on paper or in digital format.


What is that very latest I can change my delivery date?

If you wish to change your delivery date or delivery period, please contact Customer Service as soon as possible. Any changes must be received by Bolia no later than the day before at 9.30 am. Any changes later than this will be charged a new delivery fee, as unfortunately we don't have the possibility to make changes.
Please note that our response time in busy periods may be up to 2 days if you contact us by email.


I have ordered a delivery to come in several months. Can I move my delivery time forward?

If you wish to move your delivery date forward, we need to know no later than 4 weeks before the required delivery date. Since we do not carry any stock, we first start the production of your furniture approx. 4 weeks before it is due to be delivered. It is therefore necessary to contact Customer Service, who will investigate how much earlier we can deliver the item.


The measurements on the order confirmation don't match the measurements I got from the store or that are on

The measurements indicated on your order confirmation are the box measurements, i.e. your item's measurements incl. packaging. We've done this so you know how much space the item requires if you've chosen to pick up your item, so you can check if the item can fit in your home.


How many parts will my item come in?

On your order confirmation, you can see how many boxes – i.e. items – will be delivered to you. E.g. a sofa is often delivered in two boxes - i.e. in two parts. You can find the measurements of the different parts on the order confirmation.


I have several different orders. Can I have then delivered at the same time? And if so, what will the shipping costs be?

You can usually have your orders delivered together, if there are no more than 14 days between the original delivery days and if they come to the same Pickup Point.
Contact us at, and we'll investigate if it's possible to have your orders delivered together and how much you'll save in shipping costs.


Can I ring to the driver to agree a more precise delivery time? Or can I get the driver's phone number?

No, it is unfortunately not possible to contact the driver to agree a more precise delivery time. Our deliveries are made from many different vehicles and it's impossible to say exactly when your items will be delivered within the timeframe specified in your order confirmation as there may be road conditions that affect the delivery times. However, you will be called approx. 30 minutes before they arrive.

My price guarantee has been approved. How do I get my gift card?

The gift card will be set up and sent to you by email 30 days after invoicing/receipt. You don't need to do anything else. We'll be in touch once the order has been delivered.


My price guarantee has been approved. Can I have my gift card earlier than 30 days after the delivery has been made?

No, you can only have your gift card after 30 days, once your right to return has expired.

Can I have an outlet item delivered/collected at a different Pickup Point to where the item is now?

No, unfortunately we can't move items between our Pickup Points.
Outlet items can only be delivered if specified on the actual product and only within the delivery area for the Pickup Point where the outlet item is located.


Can I pick up my outlet items straightaway?

No, unfortunately that is not possible. Our Pickup Points need time to locate the item, so it can't be picked up until the time stated on the order confirmation.