Made to last

Durable and high-quality materials

We create beautiful and timeless quality designs that are designed and built to last. The solid craftsmanship and durable, certified materials let us offer you a 10-year warranty on every single design in our collection.

We aim to craft products of such a high quality that you can love them for a lifetime – and the next generation too. Quality, continuous care and exchangeable parts are all part of the design, combined with a timeless aesthetic, uncompromised by fleeting trends.

We don’t have warehouses full of dusty, generic models – we tailor-make your sofa and furniture just for you, exactly how you want it – in your chosen size, material and luxurious, fabric or leather. Made by hand in Europe with superior craftsmanship and components that can be replaced if needed. And of course, a 10-year warranty.

Changeable sofa covers

Our sofas are made to last, and removable covers extend the lifetime even further. Allowing you to easily freshen up, tighten and maintain the look year after year – or to change the cover when needed, to redefine the look and feel again and again. Greatly reducing the footprint of materials used, as most of the design is reused compared to buying a whole new sofa. This makes a preloved sofa a great investment too, as you can simply swap a used cover for a new one, in the style you prefer.

We’ve put together our best tips and tricks for cleaning, maintaining and caring for your sofa to keep its shape, colour and comfort throughout its lifetime.

Longevity is an essential part of sustainable consumption and our design philosophy – that’s why we continuously develop care products, care guides, and replaceable spare parts to extend the life of your design for generations.


10-year warranty
Materials we love