Carefully selected materials

When we carefully select the materials, we use to create our designs, we are inspired by the nature that surrounds us and the beautiful, everchanging seasons. The magnificent natural textures, the soft colours, the calming atmospheres, and the breath-taking landscapes.

Watch the video below, to explore our materials and textures; the luxurious surfaces, the patterns and patinas, the finishes, the colours, the variations and exquisite details of all the raw materials we love.


We create beautiful and timeless quality designs that are designed and built to last. The solid craftsmanship and durable, certified materials let us offer you a 10-year warranty on every single design in our collection.

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We focus on using more sustainable, long-lasting and safe materials in our designs, such as FSC® certified wood, traceable leathers, EU Ecolabel and STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX certified fabrics, leather, and more. Find an overview of all our certifications, quality tests and product standards right here.

We are happy to share all the knowledge we have about our products and our people. We are committed to making beautiful designs through ethical practices and high standards of quality, worker safety, and environmental considerations. We are part of amfori BSCI and follow the BSCI code of conduct, ensuring the social rights and safety of all our wonderful colleagues and partners around the world.

By 2026, we aim to have transparency down to every component used in our products. Every piece of marble, wood, foam, and fabric. We have already reached this goal for many designs.
On most designs you will find information about the manufacturer and the climate footprint of the design, including everything from raw material, to production, packaging and shipping, the products lifetime and eventual disposal.

Supply chain transparency

Level 1: Production
We provide insights into our manufacturing and production processes, giving you a clear view into how and where our designs are made.

Level 2: Components
We disclose details about the components and materials used in our products, so you can understand which parts go into making your designs.

Level 3: Raw materials
We offer transparency into the raw material processing, allowing you to trace the origins and sourcing of the raw materials used in our designs.

The hands that shape our ideas

Our goal is to have transparency throughout our production chain. So, for all furniture designs, you can read about the good people who create it - and we are proud to share who they are, where they work, their inspiring stories, and ambitious steps towards a lower climate footprint.

Creating a fabric is a complex process involving many steps. On every fabric and leather in our collection, you can find the CO2e footprint along with the country of origin – from where the fibre was grown, made, or recycled, to where it was dyed, to where it was woven into textile.

On the map below, you can get an overview of where our furniture fabrics are sourced – find more detailed information on every fabric as you browse through the collection.

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