Our footprint

All our furniture designs are made to order and crafted one piece at the time. This way of low waste production not only allows you to customise our designs, but also minimises waste and consumption during the full lifetime of the product, through a more efficient usage of raw materials, a shorter distribution and most importantly – a beautiful design crafted to last for generations. That is also why we are happy to give a 10-year warranty on every single design in our collection.

The hands that shape our ideas

With ambitions to create and shape a more sustainable industry, we join forces with leading partners such as Bureau Veritas, Schneider Electric, FSC Denmark and MÅLBAR. Testing our designs to the highest quality standards, processing knowledge and developing measurements about the climate emissions of our entire value chain, allowing us to find tangible ways to effectively reduce our overall impact.

We are happy to share all our facts, findings and finest ideas, all the way from our overall ambitions to the specific product climate footprint throughout the full product life cycle on our most popular designs. The footprint includes everything from raw materials, to production, packaging and shipping, the product lifetime and eventual disposal. In collaboration with our partners at MÅLBAR, we measure the climate footprint of our most popular design series – including everything from raw materials, to production, packaging and shipping, the product lifetime and eventual disposal after many years of use. This way, you can easily explore and compare the actual CO2eq footprint of most designs.

Less than a cheeseburger

A good example of sustainable production is our new Bolia Journal with its 276 pages produced on FSC® certified paper, with local sourcing and production. We plan the development and production together with our friends from MÅLBAR and managed to minimise the climate footprint to be equal to that of only 0,91 average cheeseburger.

We constantly push for a change to something better and continuously raise the bar for what we want to achieve. Actions are essential for change, and it is vital for us to live up to our goals. We are committed to reducing our climate impact by mapping scope 1, 2 ang 3 using the Greenhouse Gas protocol. By analysing it, it will be possible to set goals and monitor our development even better.

In the context of greenhouse gas emissions, scope 1, 2, and 3 refer to different categories, or stages, of emissions. This is a crucial insight for assessing and addressing our climate impact, making it easier to set and achieve sustainability goals.


Scope 1:  
Commonly referred to as "direct emissions," these are emissions generated directly by our activities, such as the operation of our stores, HQ and delivery vehicles.   

Scope 2:  
Commonly referred to as "indirect emissions," these result from the consumption of purchased electricity, heating and cooling by our organisation. 

Scope 3:  
These are indirect emissions that occur both upstream and downstream in our value chain, including emissions from raw materials, suppliers, manufactures – as well as our customers when they use, maintain and eventually discard our designs. 

Our work towards a lower impact has two main areas:

  • Our overall CO2e emissions
    We utilize GHG protocol scope 1, 2 & 3 findings to initiate larger changes in our business – this being raw materials, production, transportation and energy consumption – focusing on the biggest emitters first


  • Product CO2e emissions
    For our main design series, we dive a step deeper with MÅLBAR Life Cycle Assessments – enabling us to improve existing products and develop new designs to guarantee continuous reductions in climate impact.

What is the impact of a dining table?

MÅLBAR specialises in calculating the complete climate impact of a product. They then make the data relatable by describing it with familiar things – like how many times you can eat a cheeseburger, have a coffee, or stream movies, to create the same CO2eq emissions that the product creates in its total lifetime. 

Our Graceful dining table, for instance, has the equivalent climate impact as a return flight from London to Lisbon – or as drinking 641 café lattes! Unlike a weekend getaway or to-go coffee, though, Graceful will set the scene for lovely meals and connections with friends and family every day for 10 years – and probably much longer.

Our design philosophy
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