A quiet tribute

Our new collection is a quiet tribute to nature's tranquil tones and authentic motifs. That's why the design language is so simple, and every single detail has been carefully considered and selected to create something very special. Something that will create a lasting impression in just a few moments. This and much more is the inspiration behind the collection and the Alp design series.


Alp is designed by the Spanish duo, Ramos Bassols, and is an exclusive series of dining tables and benches. A design with pared-back, graphic lines and eye-catching simplicity that gives it an almost picturesque feel. All designs in the series are made of solid, FSC-certified wood with an understated and natural expression that is emphasised by the clean and architectural contours, meticulously incorporated details and direct yet elegant design language that is sure to win over even the most critical eye.

The materials are of the finest quality, and the series is designed from solid, FSC-certified oak in various finishes. 

The whole series

The designers, Ramos Bassols, have created the series with the desire to incorporate subtle details into the authentic wood craftsmanship. “Alp is a series of dining tables and benches, where we wanted to highlight the elegance and tranquility from subtly crafted natural wood with architectural lines and a warm, calm expression. Straightforward designs that are pared-back yet elegant.”

Like us, the designers are inspired by the tranquility of nature, and love to combine beautiful details with a functional edge.


”We think our products are very attractive. They have a refined look with a nicely balanced form. We love to focus on the details, because the quality of a product is often judged on how much attention has been paid to the details. We strive to create products with clean lines that still feel warm and alluring."


"When we're designing, we want to create irresistible products that we'd love to see in our own homes. Our focus is on architecture and craftsmanship. These two elements are far greater inspiration than current trends.”

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