Did you know that our collections are created in collaboration with some of the world's most talented designers?

For you to get the most out of life, you have to experience it in the right light.  The lighting in your home helps to set the scene and boost your everyday life with a special feeling and atmosphere.  You can let yourself be seduced by the subtle glow of the lamp and spread a touch of exclusivity with lamps in impressive Scandinavian design.  At Bolia we have beautiful and stylish lamps for every taste – and we're pretty confident we have the right lamp to complement your interior design or give it an extra boost. 

Which lamp is best for a sensual midnight tango, and which lamp is most suitable for a cosy dinner with friends or family?  At Bolia, we've been experimenting with all kinds of stand lamps, pendants, table lamps and wall lamps. You can see the results here. In addition to their distinctively Scandinavian design, the main common denominator is that our lamps will all help put the spotlight on exactly what you want in your home.

Design lamps with in-built wow effect

An impressive designer lamp will always make an impression on your guests.  An fabulous lamp, which has been strategically placed, has a pronounced ability to enrich your home with cosiness and charm. It spreads a clear message of style consciousness, while ensuring that your home looks like no-one else's.

If you want a lamp with in-built wow effect, we have many exciting designer lamps that share this edgy personality factor.

Create the perfect indoor climate

Your choice of lighting has a major impact on how the room looks like, and therefore how comfortable you feel too.  Us humans need light to thrive.  Choosing the right lamp gives you the perfect opportunity to pamper yourself with an enhanced quality of everyday life – not to mention the aesthetic qualities your home will be enriched with by adding a light in a beautiful design.

Choosing the right lighting isn't rocket science, but you might like to use the following rule of thumb when selecting your next lamp for your home decor: Even though downward pointing light sources create a cosy atmosphere, they tend to make a room look smaller.  Therefore, it can be a good idea to choose mixed lamp types for large rooms. This ensures that the light reaches all corners and that the room seems inviting and bright.

Always the right lighting for the occasion

Do you have trouble deciding whether the light should be on or off? Then a modern lamp with a light dimmer is just what you need. You can always customise the lamp's glow to create the atmosphere you want, easily creating the perfect ambient lighting for any occasion. For example, you can choose intense lighting when you want to read a good book, and turn down the light when you want to enjoy a good film  or your favourite series.

Go the whole hog with a handsome standing lamp and an armchair, and create a versatile, cosy corner. This enables you to get many uses out of your lamp at the same time.