Lighter times and new ideas. Fresh perspectives and new beginnings. Our spring collection welcomes a new, light and playful universe, and each design uses nature as its focal point and source of inspiration to invite nature inside. Immerse yourself in the new universe and create your own beautiful, calm breathing space.

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We only work with nature's finest materials. From FSC-certified wood, such as walnut, ash, oak, and traceable leather, certified upholstery fabrics in accordance with STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®, marble, concrete, ceramic, terracotta, glass, porcelain, linen, wicker, hemp and cork. All inspired by nature's pure and authentic materials, tones and motifs that invite tranquillity and relaxation.

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Our design collections are created from nature's sustainable materials, its tranquil tones and peaceful breathing spaces. Tailor-made and perfected into beautiful timeless designs, where authentic details and long-lasting quality are brought to life in a peaceful universe designed to create calm, luxurious and beautiful spaces.

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Quality is one thing. Timeless design is something else. Together they form our basis of our existence. And our finest task is to create something that lasts. That's why we always give you a 5-year guarantee on everything in our collection. Even though it of course lasts longer.

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Our new spring collection brings an increased focus on nature as a space and place you want to spend time in. That's why we've expanded our Outdoor Collection to allow you to bring nature inside or bring your designs into nature, recreating and reinventing the tranquility you experience in nature.

Be inspired by the beautiful 2021 Lookbook or dive into our nine inspiration universes and find your own personal style. If you're not sure about the choice of colours or fabrics, you can also order free fabric samples right here.

Design Atelier is a creative space that offers inspiration for your interior design and choice of materials. It's a visual guideline with 9 different looks. All inspired by the vibrant Scandinavian seasons.

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Our 2021 Lookbook presents our new collection and design universe. See the Lookbook online or get your own copy in your local store.

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Not sure what fabric or colour you should choose? Order free fabric samples and feel the fabric before you make up your mind.

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The Work from Home Collection

Private and professional lives are transforming, and the boundaries are converging, creating new needs and exciting opportunities. That's why the new Spring collection has a strong focus on home office and multi-functional designs. Designs that address both practical and aesthetic needs, allowing you to create a workspace that fits all aspects of your life and where creativity and efficiency go hand in hand.

Bolia Professional

In our new spring collection, we present a number of beautiful designs ideal for home offices and creative office landscapes. For restaurants, hotels, lobbies and more. Such as the Link table, which serves as a desk, meeting table and restaurant table. Explore the entire new Spring collection and our professional design universe below.

We collaborate with talented designers from all over the world and seek new talents every year for our Bolia Design Awards. In addition to working creatively with our design development, we also create experiences. Experiences that aren't limited to the individual design, but experiences that include all the senses, and which are united by a shared passion. That's why we're proud of our collaboration with the Danish Michelin coffee brewery, La Cabra Coffee, and every year we present our new universe in an inspiring Lookbook created in collaboration with professional photographers and stylists. And we share stories about everything we love in our Design Stories. All to share our creativity, challenge our outlook on life and stay curious about the world around us.

Small curated stories

Curious about or new collection and do you want to dive into our new beautiful spring designs? Or maybe you’re interested in some oldies but goodies? Our Design Stories is our creative playground where we unfold small curated stories sharing our stories about new collection, bestsellers and much more. So, make yourself a cup of tea or coffee, take a seat and dive right in.

The new spring collection

Inspired by nature's tranquility, colours and honest materials, our new spring collection is designed to be a small, calming sanctuary. The collection offers new designs for the home office, for outdoor use and for creating small green breathing spaces and more.