We love design, and we throw our heart and soul into creating innovative, captivating designs in collaboration with our team of internationally renowned designers. But Bolia is much more than just a Danish design company. We are craftsfolk, and we source the most skilled manufacturers from around Europe to ensure the high level of handmade quality associated with our designer furniture. Sustainability, transparency and an undivided focus on our Scandinavian design heritage form the foundation of our design philosophy.

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We don’t just care about our designs – we care just as much about how they are produced. This is why we always select our materials with the greatest care. We use materials of the best quality, but never at the expense of the environment or our social responsibility. For that reason, we use traceable leather, IWTO certified wool, and wood from sustainable, European forestry – and that’s why we don’t hesitate to give you a 5 year guarantee on all our designs. That’s our promise to you.

5 year guarantee on your designs

No two people are alike, and the same goes for our more than 30 gifted designers. No matter where in the world they come from, they have a passion for defining New Scandinavian Design. They are the cream of the crop and dedicated to creating the new, the inspired and the original.

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In Bolia we welcome the surprising, the unexpected, and the standalone. Our collections are designed to take you by surprise, and so are our design stores. All our stores across Europe are individually designed to match their surroundings and to be a part of the design heritage in that particular beautiful city.

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No One Lives Like You

Think about it – you are the sole example. The same goes for your home. It’s the reflection of you – no rules and no right or wrong. Your home is your playground and your space to do what no other dares to do. Therefore, our designs are made for you, the picky, the choosy, you who know what you want and how you want it. Available in a million ways, and in that special way that fits you.

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This is our latest springful mixtape. It´s packed with fresh beats and crisp vocals straight up from the underground. From Winter to Spring, from hiphop to house and from 80 to 130 BPM. All mixed up with a generous sprinkle of love. Enjoy.

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