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Gentle rain falls slowly and gently. Leaving a clear sky in light colours and a soothing scent – refreshed and clean. Dreamlike and calm, the perfect scene has been set for the sun to rise on the horizon. For the start of a new beautiful day.

Inspired by the ever-changing Scandinavian nature, our designs are brought to life. Made from natural materials, all produced, tailor-made and perfected by hand, and transformed into beautiful timeless designs.

Sit back and embrace a tranquil breathing space away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life Welcome to a new collection.

Behind the scenes

16 months ago, we briefed our talented collective of designers from all over the world on our thoughts and desires for the new collection. A collection inspired by the subtle, lively changeability of nature and the seasons, brought to life in beautiful reinterpretations of Scandinavian design. Just like the Scandinavian seasons, our collective of designers is not afraid of change. They are united by a shared passion for natural materials, sustainable solutions and New Scandinavian Design - and that's exactly what we wanted this collection to reflect.

We're always on a journey towards something better. We are not perfect, but we are honest, open-minded, positive, creative and very dedicated.

Rooted in Scandinavian design traditions, a liberal view of human nature and lifestyle, we always stand by our core values – also in our designs. We love functional design, natural materials, beauty, craftsmanship, long-lasting products, positivity and respect, and use these values for our sustainable development.

Our design collections are inspired by nature and tailored into beautiful, timeless designs. Solid FSC®-certified wood, such as oak and walnut, and beautiful and durable materials, from Italian marble and ceramics to meticulous French wicker and hand-woven paper rope. And all our furniture fabrics, from linen and bouclé to wool and velvet, are tactile and certified according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®.

Our job is to design and create products of such high quality that they last for generations. Packaging, care products, interchangeable parts and the recycling of the finished design are all aspects we consider in the design development, in our eternal search to extend the durability of every single design. That’s why, as a special feature, we offer a 10-year guarantee on all designs in our collection.

Every design in our collection is made to last and made by hand by some of Europe’s most skilled manufacturers. All in nature’s finest materials, with the beautiful changing seasons as our source of inspiration. Exclusive woods such as oak and walnut - natural, oiled or stained. Everything is FSC® certified, which ensures sustainable forestry and good working conditions from the raw wood to the final design.

How to choose the perfect sofa

All our sofas are tailored to your specific needs, dreams and wishes, and are only created once you've finished your design. We call it tailor-made quality. In other words, your sofa is totally unique and we've put together everything you need to know and consider before choosing your new sofa.

We have more than 60 design stores across Europe and many dealers who sell a curated selection of our collection. Find the one closest to you and get the full overview right here.

Based on nature and the dramatic season changes in Scandinavia, we've created a number of moods to inspire your interior design and choice of materials. Experience them in our Design Atelier in your nearest store, or immerse yourself in the different interpretations of Scandinavian design right here.

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The lighting in your home sets the scene for your daily life, and helps accentuate the course of the day – and the seasons. From gently illuminating ceiling lighting to mood-creating table lamps to precise, functional lighting points, your lighting needs to be adaptable to your mood, from morning to evening, and from relaxing moments to focused thinking.

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The book presents our new collection via wonderful stories of our sustainable initiatives, our love of good craftsmanship, our inspiration from nature and much more. Together with Danish company Målbar, we have also measured and ensured that the book has a minimal climate footprint; one book corresponds to 96% of one cheeseburger, just as the paper, of course, is FSC®-certified.

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With a set-up inspired by nature’s beautiful and volatile seasons, we've invited four talented DJs to host a music session, with our sofas and Scandinavian nature as the aesthetic backdrop. Explore a world of evocative electronic music below and immerse yourself in four sessions, each one interpreting a Scandinavian season.

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Our designers

We work closely with acclaimed designers from all over the world. From renowned design studios to new, emerging talent. And just like the changing Scandinavian seasons, they are not afraid of change, but all share a passion for natural materials, sustainable solutions and for new perspectives on Scandinavian design.

Design Stories

Design Stories is a small breathing space on, where you can immerse yourself in short stories about everything from design, people, culture, sustainability and plenty of other things that interest and inspire us every day.

Bolia Professional

Our new professional collection is designed for new ways of working, new ways of decorating and new ways of being together. Tested to the highest international standards, the collection is the ideal choice for the workplace, designer restaurant, luxury hotel, home office and everywhere in between.


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