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Welcome to a world of design, a world built simply on creativity, sustainability, longevity and craftsmanship. Our curated collection aimed at the professional market, offers you quality design with all relevant certifications and functionalities, while balancing that fine and clean aesthetic the Scandinavian design heritage is known and loved for. Explore our collection, our cases, our partners and much more.


Get your project started

Our curated professional collection is available to everyone, no matter how big or small an interior project you are seeking inspiration for.

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A new collection

Inspired by the ever-changing Scandinavian nature, our designs are brought to life. Made from natural materials, all produced, tailor-made and perfected by hand, and transformed into beautiful timeless designs.

Sit back and embrace a tranquil breathing space away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life Welcome to a new collection.


We collaborate with brands and companies all over the world. Here you’ll find an inspiring introduction to spaces creatively decorated with our designs.

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Download photos of our Professional Collection and explore the quality and different sustainable fabrics behind each durable design.

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Steelcase x Bolia

A professional design collection for office, hospitals and education created in collaboration with Steelcase, the world´s largest office furniture dealer.

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We are on a never-ending journey – always embracing new ideas and blurring the lines of creativity, while combining design, aesthetics and identity with quality, sustainability, functionality and craft in everything we do.


Can we help you?

Do you have questions about our professional collection, certificates, materials, fairs, dealers and agents? Reach out right here – we can’t wait to welcome you to a world of beautiful design and curated tailor-made design explorations and possibilities.

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We collaborate with world-renowned, international designers – from upcoming talents to established design studios. And no matter in what part of the world they live and breathe, they all share the same passion for Scandinavian design, natural materials and sustainable creations.


Craft & Quality

We work with Europe’s finest manufacturers, and all designs are thoroughly tested in collaboration with Bureau Veritas.

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We are constantly optimizing the usage of sustainable raw materials and green production methods creating designs built to love and to last.

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Events & Fairs

We travel the world to seek inspiration and showcase our creative interpretation of New Scandinavian Design at fairs and events.

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