We collaborate with brands and companies all over the world. Browse through an inspiring introduction to a variety of spaces creatively decorated with our designs – from hotel lobbies, to creative workspaces, to restaurants and showrooms.


Hpix’ focus is on contemporary European design and craftmanship and we’re proud to have our designs featured in Hpix’ showroom in vibrant and beautiful Seoul.

Beautifully located in the heart of Copenhagen just next door to the Royal Castle, Amalienborg, you’ll find this stunning old luxury flat swept in our designs. Each room tells a different story through colour-scale, interior and look.

KANE - Romanian cuisine in Bucharest

Kane is an illustration, in various forms, of what contemporary Romanian creativity stands for. The restaurant combines local design with timeless Scandinavian aesthetics to give customers a beautiful experience.

Wicked Grounds is a creative, contemporary and inspirational venue housing different events, meetings and gatherings distinguishing itself from other locations with its focus on individuality, atmosphere and design.

Hotel Royal, Aarhus

Located in the heart of our hometown Aarhus you will find a hotel suite so beautifully wrapped in some of our designs, that it will make you want to stay forever. With Cloud sofas and Tab table the exclusive suite at Hotel Royal has been transformed into a luxurious home away from home.

Hotel Jansen is a cool city hotel placed in the heart of vibrant Amsterdam. To make visitors feel like home, rooms have been decorated with our furniture designs in a creative and welcoming way.

We are proud to have our designs in the portfolio of Puroform, who takes pride in showcasing unique interiors with attention to detail in everything from material to craftmanship. 

Patricia Bustos Studio, Madrid

“Wonder Galaxy”, as its name suggests, is a fantastical space conceived by Madrid-based Patricia Bustos Studio as a retro-futuristic bridge between the creative energies of childhood and an avant-garde vision of the future.

When visiting the National Gallery of Denmark, you’ll find a beautiful lounge area decorated with our different and flexible Cosima modules dressed in a sustainable and traceable leather.