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Rugs are a unique element in your home interior design. A rug doesn't just provide a great opportunity to create cosiness and pamper your feet, it can also be used to transform your floor into an expressive and personal statement of good taste. A carefully placed, impressive rug can be the final finishing touch in your home, and can't fail to go unnoticed when you welcome your guests inside.

Loose rugs are like paintings for the floor

Your floor deserves design as much as your walls! – You carefully consider exactly what you hang on your walls. Your choice of design and art create an interesting story about yourself for your guests. However, there's no reason not to think creatively and make use of the wall space under your feet in a personal and original way. Loose rugs for the floor are what paintings are for the walls.

At Bolia we're almost manic once we get started talking interiors: Wherever we look, we can see space for creative expression. And if we see an unused floor, we see a potential that has not been used – yet. Our large selection of beautiful rugs enable you to embellish your floor with colours, warmth and comfort. Using rugs in a personal way showcases your good taste and gives your home even more style.

More than just a rug

Rugs contribute warmth and cosiness to your home, but they have other good qualities too. For example, did you know that a rug can help reduce noise and improve the acoustics of a room? These qualities help to enhance the quality of your home – not just the quality of your interior decor, but also your general life quality.    

You can use rugs in any room, but a rug is especially useful when you put it together with other elements in your home. You can also use a rug to separate the different elements in the room.  For example, by placing the rug under your coffee table you can divide the room into units and create the perfect setting for future fun and cosy times.    

Find the rug that fits you

Our selection contains many rugs in  different sizes, shapes and designs. Whether you're into stylish patterns, fashionable colour combinations or timeless classics, you can be sure we have the rug that's tailored to your personal taste. We only use the best materials - for example, gorgeous wool for the part of our rug collection that contains short- and long-haired rugs. In other words, you can look forward to outstanding quality and top design when decorating your home with one of our rugs.

Many of our rugs for the living room are also made by hand, so you can be confident that your interior will get an upgrade, both in terms of aesthetics and quality.