Sofa guide

How to choose the perfect sofa

Which size should you buy, which design, which model, and in which colour? Choosing the perfect sofa isn't always straightforward, so we've created a sofa guide that'll help you find your perfect sofa.

Sofa guide step-by-step

We'll guide you through the many options and decisions in 7 steps, all designed to properly inform you about which sofa to buy. Each step covers the most common questions and considerations, from size to design to colour to maintenance, all put together to help you make the right decision.

If you have a spacious home, you can happily dream of corner and modular sofas that are allowed to fill up the space. If you have less space, a classic 2 or 3-seater sofa will probably be a better fit. If you need a sofa with multiple functions, a sofa bed might be the solution you're looking for. No matter what, size and model are the first things you should consider when designing your new sofa.

    • 2-seater Sofa

      A 2-seater sofa is a classic and stylish choice that doesn't require much space. A 2-seater sofa can work alone or as part of a furniture set-up where there needs to be enough space for both armchairs and a sofa.

    • 3-seater Sofa

      A 3-seater sofa takes up slightly more room, but on the other hand creates much more space for guests and evenings with the family. A 3-seater sofa fits into a home where the sofa doesn't necessarily have to dominate the existing interior design, and where your need to sit down is just as great as your need to lie down.

    • Modular sofa

      The most important feature of a modular sofa is its flexibility, as it can be assembled exactly as you like. You can remove or add more modules any time if your needs change. A modular sofa is the natural choice if you have plenty of room and dream of the ultimate lounging sofa, where the style and size can follow you throughout your life.

    • Corner sofa

      If you've got plenty of floor space and want it filled by a large sofa with room for the whole family, a corner sofa is the ideal choice for you. Corner sofas are for large rooms, for large families and for homes where guests are a natural part of the furnishings.

    • Chaise longue Sofa

      The popular combination of relaxation and great comfort. A sofa with chaise longue doesn't necessarily take up much space in the room, but it still gives you all the benefits of a large corner sofa.

    • Open End Sofa

      An open end sofa only has armrests on one side and has an open end, which creates an airy feeling and makes the design reminiscent of an exclusive daybed. An open end sofa works well for smaller homes, or for those of you who might like to add a pouf or other extra elements to complement the decor.

    • Sofa bed

      If you live in a studio apartment or are practically inclined, the sofa bed is your perfect partner. By day, it resembles a completely regular sofa, but with just one simple movement, it can be transformed into a bed, thus serving as a multifunctional piece of furniture that can be adapted to suit your needs.

    • Daybed

      A daybed is a discreet yet luxurious sofa, which is suitable for smaller homes that don't have space for massive statements or large homes where it can be used as an extra element in your sofa set-up. A daybed also makes a beautiful addition to the entrance hall.

    Once you've chosen the size of your sofa and which model is best suited to your needs, you'll need to consider the design of your sofa. Are you into inviting shapes with generously proportioned surfaces, or do you prefer simple sofas with timeless qualities in a clean and stylish design?

    The modular sofa is characterised by its generous seat depth and flexibility, and often features a softer filling that creates an inviting design language, such as Cosima and MR. BIG. In contrast to the modular sofa, sofas with firmer seats, e.g. our Hannah sofa, which has curved arm- and backrests that enhance the comfort.

    • Modular sofas

      The modular sofa is characterised by wide surfaces and a deep seating depth and with several modules that can be combined in different ways. The great flexibility of a modular sofa enables it to grow with you and your family as new needs arise. Our many modular sofas include Cosima, Noora and Jerome.

    • Cosima Modular Sofa

      The lounge sofa with room for all your dreams, crafted in sustainable materials from the inside out. With a penchant for an exclusive yet practical design, the result is a sofa with wide surfaces and large modules. The generous seat depth is an open invitation for late nights stretching out, and the robust wooden frame and large modules create the impression of a sofa that both feels soft to the touch and is created to last for many years.

    • Noora Modular Sofa

      Noora is the ultimate starting point for your creative expression. Designed to look fabulous however you dress, it’s up to you where you take it. Solid construction and exceptional comfort waiting to be draped in your inspiration.

    • Orlando Outdoor

      Orlando Outdoor is designed by Glismand & Rüdiger with the purpose of creating a sofa designed for outdoor use, without compromising on either the comfort or aesthetics.

    • Caisa Modular Sofa

      Caisa is a modular sofa with a refined and elegant look. The simple silhouette and unique details of the design have references to the very essence of Scandinavian design. The minimalist look is reinforced by elegant legs that create a luxurious weightlessness for the voluptuous modules. The armrests are available in two depths, which divide the sofa into different sections and seating areas, and this flexibility and spaciousness make the modular sofa ideal for any home, office, hotel or lobby.

    • MR. BIG Modular Sofa

      MR. BIG is a decorative and extravagant modular sofa, combining iconic aesthetics with robust materials. The numerous cushions are included in the price and serve to elevate the aesthetics to new heights and complete the exclusive appearance. The different modules, furniture fabrics and colours give you the freedom to put together your very own MR. BIG. Regardless of which choices you make, there will always be two constants: the 112 cm immense seat depth and the extensive quality control all our sofas undergo.

    • Aya Modular Sofa

      Aya is a series of beautiful sofas and poufs, which all share the same luxurious and bohemian expression. Says Who, who are behind Aya, have designed the series with the objective of combining a luxurious design language with artistic freedom and sustainable craftsmanship. As a result, Aya's upholstery is removable and the seat cushions and back cushions have a meticulous and embracing quality. An interaction between comfort, durability and aesthetics elevates the sofa to an iconic status.

    • Jerome Modular Sofa

      Jerome is a modular sofa with a classic yet contemporary expression. The various modules can be combined to suit your needs and can easily be separated if new needs should arise. Its extra seat depth and soft padding give the sofa an elegant and comfortable design, which possesses clear references to clean, architectural lines. The modular sofa is also available with accompanying wooden trays and can be put together as a beautiful 3-seater sofa or with an extra large chaise longue if more space is needed.

    • Cosy Modular Sofa

      The Cosy modular sofa fuses voluminous and simple elements with good quality. The skilled craftsmanship details can be seen in the solid wood base and in the fabric frame, where the stitching is deliberately visible to create an exclusive look. The slender legs are supported by a steel frame, making Cosy light, but still robust. The result is an exclusive sofa with a classic look.

    • Orlando Modular Sofa

      The Orlando modular sofa combines simple design and functionality with a delightful lounge ambience. The ORLANDO sofa consists of various modules which, thanks to a solid 'click' system makes it easy to put together the combination that best suits your living space. Also, the depth of the seating units means the Orlando is ideal for overnight guests. The ORLANDO is handmade Danish design which, with its 5-year guarantee against it changing its shape, gives it a long lifespan. Kick off your shoes, put your feet up and enjoy the ORLANDO backrest in soft cushions.

    • Angle Modular Sofa

      Angle is a modular sofa consisting of six different building blocks you can combine, couple and colour as you like - the result will always be surprisingly eye-catching. With its characteristic asymmetrical, angled lines and soft, organic feel, Angle will fit perfectly into both small and large spaces.

    • Classic sofas

      As its name suggests, a classic sofa is classic. That's what you think and imagine when you taste the word 'sofa'. Clean lines and loose cushions in Scandinavian design, and a sofa that is a perfect first purchase when you need to furnish your home, perhaps for the very first time. Click on the arrow to see the many classics that are among our most popular sofas; Scandinavia, Elton, North, Sepia and many more.

    • Scandinavia Sofa

      The Scandinavia sofa is a sofa classic designed by Glismand & Rüdiger. Its frame consists of solid wood from sustainable European forestry, while fabric cushions are upholstered on both sides, and the armrests have extra padding for superior comfort. Under the cushions you’ll find an exclusive lining and a slightly elevated edge, which prevents the cushions from slipping off. The legs are available in several different materials and with two height options, while the cushions are available with both down and foam filling, and can be covered with wool, leather, velour or one of our numerous furniture fabrics. All resulting in a completely unique sofa, both in terms of production and appearance, and with a timeless quality that will be passed on through generations.

    • Scandinavia Remix Sofa

      Scandinavia Remix is a modern design icon created by Glismand & Rüdiger. The sofa's frame is made from solid, sustainable wood, and the double-upholstered cushions extend the sofa’s life for many years. Under the slim cushions you’ll find high quality lining and a sloping design that holds the cushions firmly in place. The legs are available in several materials and in two height options, and the cushions are available with both down and foam filling. It’s up to you whether you want your Scandinavia Remix to be covered with soft velour, classic leather, recycled cotton, or another of our numerous furniture fabrics. The result is a classic sofa, where every tiny detail is precisely considered and executed.

    • Elton Sofa

      Elton, designet af Glismand & Rüdiger, er en smuk og tidløs serie af sofaer, puffer og daybeds. Elton ekkoer skandinavisk design. Med sin rene silhuet, omgivet af den håndlavede træramme og de bløde hynder, løfter Elton sig over jorden og lader enhver skræddersyet komponent og udformet detalje være synligt eksponeret i sin mest ærlige og rene form. Den lette 30 mm solide træramme synes næsten svævende eleveret af de bløde og indbydende puder. Et kontrastfuldt og elegant formsprog, der kun er muligt, grundet sofaens indvendige, sirlige og velovervejede konstruktion. Indvendigt er Elton nemlig konstrueret med en særlig metalramme og fiberglasforstærkede nylonlameller, der løfter og sikrer komforten. Sofaen har vendbare ryghynder, og hver eneste komponent er udskiftelig som årene skrider frem. En elegant serie med rene linje, stærke håndværksmæssige detaljer og gennemtænkte funktioner.

    • North sofa

      North is an exclusive sofa series, where you can feel the focus is on attention to details. Both the ones you can enjoy with the naked eye, but also those that are hidden inside the construction – the ones that distinguish a good sofa from an outstanding sofa. North belongs to the latter category. All choices have been made with respect for the environment and excellent craftsmanship. That's why the cushions are brimming with genuine down, the wooden legs are crafted in solid wood, the armrests and frame filled with extra padding, the cushions in foam are reversible and all materials are sustainable.

    • Lomi sofa

      German Meike Harde's intention with Lomi was to combine distinctive lounge aesthetics with the more rigorous Scandinavian design universe. A new classic that will look beautiful and inviting for many years to come.

    • Hannah Sofa

      Allow us to introduce you to Hannah. She's a flexible, contemporary, comfortable sofa with soft lines and curves, and she comes in different models depending on your mood and need. Change her legs and she'll get another look - almost like a chameleon. So say hello to ...Hannah.

    • Sepia Sofa

      The Sepia sofa series is both classic and sustainable – from the inside out and from start to finish. The solid wooden legs and frame don't just add an exclusive edge, they also add many years to your sofa's life. The cushions are available in two options: softer down filling or firmer cold foam. No matter which Sepia you choose to create, the inside will always be just as beautiful as the outside.

    • Madison Sofa

      This sofa is taken straight out of an exclusive corner office on Madison Avenue in the 1960s, and adds that touch of 60s aesthetics to your home. The rounded edges and the voluminous design are supported by an elegant base and provide a luxurious form upheld by a solid and durable foundation.

    • Cloud Sofa

      Simplicity is the keyword in this sofa series designed by Yonoh Estudio. Clean lines are lifted from the ground by a solid metal frame that gives Cloud a minimalistic look while creating a comfortable starting point for you to lean back and hit the pause button for a moment. On the inside, Cloud is constructed in FSC-certified wood, lifting Cloud to all new heights.

    • Grace Sofa

      Exceptional upholstery craft and comfort come together in contemporary harmony in this stunning 70’s inspired sofa. The organic shapes are sharply tailored and the detailing is exquisite.

    • Fuuga Sofa

      Cocoon yourself in Fuuga's comfortable curves. The soft and feminine forms welcome you warmly, let you slow down your pace a little and give you the opportunity to enjoy a moment of sheer relaxation. The Fuuga sofa is created by the design group Busetti Garuti Redaelli and comes in many variants – all featuring a handmade wooden frame that creates an elegant look.

    We are inspired by the nature that surrounds us – and with our furniture fabrics, we care for it as well. Our fabrics are OEKO-TEX certified securing clean and safe materials, produced under social and environmentally sound conditions. And if you want to take your sustainable choice a notch up, we offer the beautiful Bergo fabric, made from recycled plastic bottles - and our durable Ocean fabric produced solely from excess materials from the oil industry and manufactured without the use of water in the production. On top of this, all our leathers are traceable, securing top-notch quality, produced under socially sound conditions and with a guarantee for animal welfare.

    See all of our upholsteries here and learn about their qualities.

    Wool & fabric

    Wool is a natural material characterised by its qualities of being dirt-repellent, resilient, incredibly durable and stretchy. Wool contains lanolin, which is a natural fat that acts as a protective membrane. While our numerous fabrics are made of both polyester fibres and natural fibres, like in our cotton fabrics, and are available in several sustainable alternatives.


    Leather is a soft, pure natural product that, in the same way as wood and other natural materials, varies in appearance and reacts to its surroundings. Any variations in the leather are therefore not defects, but natural characteristics of genuine leather. Our leather variants are 100% traceable, ensuring quality and transparency all the way from the manufacturer and into your living room.


    Velour is a glossy, elegant and vibrant fabric with a soft pile that moves under your touch and can change colour according to how the light falls. Our exclusive velour fabric, Ritz, is the world's best and most durable velour and the manufacturer is also Purveyor to the Royal Household in the Netherlands.

    Martindale, pilling and light fastness inform you about a fabric's durability. We use them to make it easy for you to see which is the right kind of furniture upholstery for you and your needs.

    • Martindale

      measures the abrasion resistance of a fabric and ranges from 10,000-120,000, with 120,000 being the highest abrasion resistance. As a rule of thumb, the abrasion resistance for hard wear should be above 20,000, but in daily use an abrasion resistance of up to 10,000 is more than enough. The abrasion resistance of our upholstery fabrics ranges from 20,000 and up to 120,000 martindale. Substances with a martindale above 80,000 are suitable for using in public places, such as airports, lobbies and suchlike.

    • Pilling

      is the term for the small balls of fabric that form on the surface of a fabric as a result of friction and which give the fabric a slightly furry appearance. There will always be some natural pilling in the beginning until the excess fibres have gone. Pilling is evaluated on a scale of 1-5, indicating the risk of pilling or loose fibres. 5 is best and our upholsteries are always at least 3.

    • Light fastness

      describes a fabric's ability to withstand sunlight. Nylon and cotton usually have a low light fastness, while wool, acrylic and polyester have a higher light fastness. The scale ranges from 1-8, where 8 is highest and best. The higher the light fastness, the better the fabric is at withstanding sunlight without losing colour. We recommend that you don't choose a fabric with a light fastness below 4.

    Step 5: Foam or down filling?

    When you design your new sofa at, you can choose between firm or soft seating. The firm seating with cold foam gives a tighter appearance to your sofa, and the soft down filling is more pliable and needs to be beaten a little more into place. We only use foam of the highest quality and, as a starting point, all sofas are filled with cold foam. We use down filling to create extra softness and comfort, and our modular sofa, Cosima, is almost exclusively filled with down to create its soft and inviting form.

    • FSC-certified wood

      All the wood we use is FSC certified and complies with EU rules on responsible forestry – this also applies to the wood we use for constructing our sofas and creating a solid, high-quality foundation.

    • Traceable Italian leather

      All of our leather is made without the use of synthetic or harmful chemicals and is traceable.

    • Ocean fabric

      Our Ocean fabric is produced exclusively from surplus materials from the oil industry and manufactured without the use of any water in production.

    • Bergo fabric

      Our Bergo fabric is made from 98% recycled polyester made from plastic bottles, and combines the beauty of the textile with the durability of polyester.

    • OEKO-TEX®

      All our upholstery fabrics comply with the IWTO and are OEKO-TEX® certified. This ensures pure and safe materials.

    • A 10-year guarantee

      It's actually pretty simple. We'd like to share our passion for design, craftsmanship and quality with you. And we'd like that passion to last for many years to come. That's why we give you a 10-year guarantee on all our sofas.

    Step 6: Maintenance

    Your sofa will change its shape and appearance over time, just like you and me, and that's why it needs love and care. We've put together our best tips on how to extend the life of your sofa.

    Read more

    We hope you now feel ready to design your very own sofa. No matter what you choose, all our sofas are made in quality materials, by skilled cabinetmakers and can be uniquely customised just for you. E.g. to the right of each design, you can modify the look, size, colour and upholstery. Enjoy!

    With our customizer you can play with the design, change colour, legs and material, and the individual modules can be combined in countless ways. With a simple drag and drop feature, you can put together the perfect sofa for you that matches your personal style, your needs, and your dreams. No compromise.

    Try our customizer here


    Did you know that we've developed an AR app with 3D technology that enables you to see the sofa you want, in your own home and in the actual size, colour and shape? The AR app is compatible with iPhone 6s and later versions and works with the following sofas: Scandinavia, Noora, Cosima, Lomi, Hannah, North, MR. BIG, Jerome, Caisa sofa series.

    Download the app here

    When you visit us in the store, you'll be met by our expert store staff who always try their best to help and guide you.

    Among other things, they can give you a personalised offer to take home, which is a customised offer made specifically for you. It outlines the total price, any special offers and delivery details. You can take your offer home, along with fabric samples of all the furniture you have chosen, so you can take measurements and match colours in peace and quiet and ensure you make the right decision.