Outdoor fabric

Fabric, for outdoor living

We love creating inspiring spaces. Spaces that invite nature inside and where our furniture outside. That’s why we have a selection of beautiful and durable outdoor fabrics that have just been specially developed for outdoor life.


Create luxurious outdoor spaces with Palma – a beautifully woven outdoor fabric that is rich in texture and soft to the touch. Palma has a natural, Nordic expression and is woven in 100% harmolan PP – a uniquely durable fibre. Harmolan fabrics are inherently dirt-repellent, anti-static, fast-drying, and washable. In other words; perfect for enjoying life outside.


Material: 100% Polypropylene

Martindale: 50,000

Light fastness: 6

Pilling: 5

Country of origin: Belgium

Brezza outdoor fabric is as elegant as it is durable. With a soft, woven structure and a subtle interplay of colours that gives it a natural look. The fabric is woven in Olefin-Harmolan – a durable fibre made of polypropylene, which is water and stain resistant and resistant to mould and mildew. This makes Brezza the perfect choice for a carefree outdoor life. Easy to clean and maintain, keeping its beautiful appearance for years to come. The fabric is woven in Belgium and can be washed at 30°.


Material: 100% Olefin

Martindale: 30,000

Light fastness: 7

Pilling: 4

Country of origin: Belgium

Ocean is a durable upholstery fabric with unique qualities and an irresistibly soft surface. The olefin fibres in which the fabric is woven are dyed before the yarn is spun, which means that the fabric has a very high light fastness. This means that the fabric does not bleach in the sun as much as natural upholstery fabrics. Woven in Belgium and certified according to OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100.


Material: 100% Olefin

Martindale: 45,000

Light fastness: 8

Pilling: 4

Country of origin: Belgium

Three words that give you the best quality

Martindale, pilling and light fastness inform you about a fabric's durability. We use them to make it easy for you to see which kind of furniture fabric suits you and your needs.


measures the abrasion resistance of a fabric and ranges from 10,000-120,000, with 120,000 being the highest abrasion resistance. As a rule of thumb, the abrasion resistance for hard wear should be above 20,000, but in normal daily use an abrasion resistance of up to 10,000 is more than enough. The abrasion resistance of our upholstery fabrics ranges from 20,000 and up to 120,000 martindale. Fabrics with a martindale above 80,000 are suitable for use in public places such as airports, restaurants and similar.


is the term for the small balls of fabric that form on the surface of a fabric as a result of friction and which give the fabric a furry appearance. There will always be some natural pilling at the beginning until the excess fibres have gone. Pilling is evaluated on a scale of 1-5, indicating the risk of pilling or loose fibres. 5 is best and our furniture upholsteries are always at least 3.
The fastest and cheapest way to remove pilling is by using a small electric textile shaver designed for this purpose.

Light fastness

describes a cover's ability to withstand sunlight. Nylon and cotton usually have a low light fastness, while wool, acrylic and polyester have a higher light fastness. The scale is a doubling scale, which ranges from 1-8, where 8 is best. The higher the light fastness, the better the cover is at withstanding sunlight without losing colour. However, it is a good idea to keep furniture away from direct sunlight. Some covers will fade faster than others, indicated by the light fastness. We recommend that you don't choose an upholstery fabric with a light fastness below 3.


    • Taking care of your outdoor fabric

      Our outdoor fabrics are simple to maintain – for general cleaning, we recommend washing as needed, or a couple of times a year, with a textile cleaner or just a little ordinary washing-up liquid mixed with water. Use a soft brush to remove dust.

      We also recommend a removable cover for your outdoor furniture so that you can cover it when you don't use it for more than a couple of days. This facilitates cleaning and prolongs the durablility and lifetime as much as possible.

      Find more tips and tricks on how to care for and clean your sofa in our guide:


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