Caring for your sofa

How to keep your sofa beautiful

No matter how you spend your time at home, your sofa plays an important role. And a sofa will quite naturally change shape and appearance over time. Below we have compiled our top tips and recommendations on how to best maintain its shape, colour and comfort. With the right care products and a little love, your sofa will easily be able to follow you throughout your life.


It’s very easy to assemble a Bolia sofa! Unpacking just requires a little space and can be done on a carpet or similar to avoid scratches. Remove the transport packaging carefully, before sorting it into cardboard and plastic waste. Read through the assembly instructions – if you can't find them, you can download them here on, just go to your design and download them under 'Specifications and measurements'.

Good tips:

  • When mounting the sofa legs, make sure they are securely fastened. And remember to attach felt pads if you're going to place it on a wooden floor or similar.
  • Modular sofas and sofas that consist of several sections are easiest to assemble before you place the seat and back cushions.
  • Be careful of the surface you place the sofa on. It is best to place it on an even surface and not with one of the corners on a rug, for example.
  • Place the sofa away from radiators and wood-burning stoves, as the heat can affect the cover over time.
  • Lift the sofa when moving it – avoid pushing and pulling it.
  • If, contrary to expectations, you suddenly need a screw, nut or something else, contact us in Customer Care and we'll quickly find a solution.


When your sofa is in place

We recommend that you start by impregnating your sofa with the right care product. The impregnation creates a protective barrier, enhances the fabric or the natural qualities of the leather, and will extend the life of your sofa.

An impregnation is typically effective for half a year, so we recommend that you care for your sofa a couple of times a year, or as needed. A leather sofa may require more moisture and leather cream in the dry months.


Your sofa is the gathering point of the evening, both on weekdays and weekends. That’s why regular cleaning is a good idea to prolong the life of your sofa as much as possible. How you do it depends on the design of your sofa – see below.

A sofa with loose cushions should be vacuumed regularly – including the sofa itself, the seat and back cushions and under the cushions. Use low suction power and a textile nozzle.

Soft filling in the cushions should be beaten regularly – and preferably thoroughly and powerfully. Firm filling can also be beaten, but vacuuming is usually sufficient. It's a good idea to turn the seat and back cushions over regularly and swap them around if possible to ensure they don't wear out in the same place every day.

A fixed upholstered sofa should be vacuumed regularly, as this gives air and volume to the filling in the sofa. Smooth the fabric out with your hand if there are any wrinkles. Vacuum cleaner with low suction power and a textile nozzle.

Soft filling should be regularly beaten thoroughly and powerfully to distribute the filling and restore shape and comfort. Use a flat hand and beat it hard!


Upholstery on a sofa will change with use, so it is a good idea to distribute the use evenly. Swap the cushions around and turn them regularly if possible. You can also change your seat, so that you don't always sit in the same place. In this way, your sofa will keep its shape longer and the upholstery on the cushions will stay even.

We also recommend that you give your sofa a small check-up at regular intervals – e.g. every three months. Check the legs and retighten if necessary. Check that the modules are still correctly assembled. Check that the felt pads under the legs are still attached, or replace them if they are worn.


Care products for your upholstery fabric and leather

We've developed our own series of care products, so you can significantly extend the life of your sofa. Read more about your fabric or leather type and find care kits with everything you need for your furniture fabric. All our care products are produced locally in Denmark and live up to current EU legislation.



A soft and vibrant expression

Our upholstery fabrics and leather types are of the very best quality – and all have a very high abrasion resistance, also known as martindale. But furniture fabrics and leather will wrinkle a little over time, just as our clothes do. Some fabrics more than others. We always design with this in mind, and our sofas are therefore created to become more beautiful with a soft and vibrant expression. To prevent wrinkles, follow our general maintenance tips. Vacuuming also helps to put wrinkles in place – flatten the fabric with a light hand while doing so, so that the excess fabric is distributed again.

Naturally, leather can also wrinkle during use, and this is completely natural, as natural leather will patinate over time. Our leather care products help keep the leather beautiful and supple.

On our sofas with loose cushions, you can remove the cover and have it cleaned. You can also easily wash most fabrics yourself – just follow the washing instructions on the cover.

Several of our sofas are also designed with fully removable fabric covers – so you can easily clean them, while at the same time allowing you to adapt your sofa to your needs and changing interior design styles in your life, just by replacing the covers.

Our most important mission is to create designs that last. Therefore, we strive to replace most parts of our sofas and furniture if necessary over time.

For example, on your sofa it could be the seat and back upholstery, legs and of course completely removable sofa covers. In addition, the cushion filling can be changed on sofas with loose cushions. If the need for a spare part arises, just contact us in Customer Care and we'll find the best solution.

Luxurious details

Add the final, soft details to your sofa in the form of irresistible wool throws and soft sofa cushions that you can sink into. Choose a coffee table that matches your sofa’s look and finish with a warm and soft rug that ties everything together beautifully.

    • When you need to go your separate ways one day

      When your sofa has come to the end of its life as a sofa, it can be separated into smaller parts so that you can sort the components in an environmentally-friendly way.