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When we carefully select the materials, we use to create our designs we are inspired by the nature that surrounds us and the beautiful, ever-changing seasons. The magnificent natural materials, soft colours, the calming atmosphere, and the breath-taking landscapes.

FSC® certified wood

We love natural, living materials such as solid wood and veneer – oak, walnut and ash – which beautifully reflect our Scandinavian design heritage. Naturally, all the wood we use is FSC®-certified. This means that the wood is sourced from considerate forestry with good working conditions for the forest workers and which ensures that biodiversity is maintained.

Is there anything more calming than tactile fabrics? Bouclé, New Zealand wool, linen, velvet or textiles made from recycled materials. Whatever you prefer, you can be sure that every single fabric is highly durable and of the finest quality. Some fabrics are even certified with the EU Ecolabel, making them a more environmentally friendly choice.

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    • Natural and traceable leathers

      Leather is a natural material that changes and patinates beautifully over time. And every piece is unique. All leather we use comes from Europe, which not only ensures that the leather is of the best quality, but also that it is produced in places where animal welfare is imposed by law. Our manufacturers quality control the leather meticulously to ensure both uniformity and quality. In addition, both Sydney and Austin are OEKO-TEX® LEATHER STANDARD certified, which ensures that they are completely safe for human health.

    Marble is a breathtakingly beautiful natural stone that has formed in rocks over millions of years. And depending on the unique composition of its place of origin, different types of marble are formed with unique patterns and colours. No two pieces are alike, which is why every piece of marble furniture will be utterly unique.

    Travertine is a unique natural stone with a beautiful and dreamy expression. The tranquil patterns and colours invite calm and nature inside, together with wood and other natural materials creating the framework for a light and sensual universe.

    Handmade ceramics are beautiful and durable, and add a unique touch to your interior. We offer dinnerware in both tactile stoneware and fine porcelain – with different aesthetic qualities to suit any dinner table and home.

    Glass is made from natural materials and is naturally durable and easy to maintain. Our different types of glass range from tempered glass to mouth-blown crystal glass, and each type offers different qualities.

    Concrete has a calm and stylish appearance that is reminiscent of the clean lines of modern architecture and raw industrial aesthetics. Made from natural materials with unique and beautiful properties, consisting of only cement, sand, stone and water.

    Stainless steel is timeless and creates stringent simplicity and tranquillity – making a striking impression that catches the eye, whether polished or brushed. Steel is a beautiful and durable material that will last for generations, and is available with different surfaces, all of which are easy to maintain.

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    Brass is an elegant metal with a warm and beautiful glow that creates small magical flourishes in your interior design. We use brass-coated steel to achieve the same high strength as stainless steel, but with the warm character and expression of brass.

    We love using natural elements in warm, natural materials, such as the classic French wicker, and the handmade and FSC®-certified paper cord, Danish Cordâ, which has been used to decorate iconic Scandinavian design classics for almost 100 years.

    Discover paper cord and French wicker

    We are members of the Care & Fair organisation. An initiative founded in 1994 to support local weavers, particularly in India and Nepal. It ensures that traditional millennium-old craftsmanship lives on but with the provision of responsible working conditions and access to schooling and medical care for the weavers and their families. And all our handwoven rugs carry the Care & Fair label – as well as being of the finest, durable quality.

    Wool is a warm and calming natural material, and by nature it is stretchy, resistant and durable. And of course, our wool fabrics are certified according to OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100. Wool is also 100% biodegradable and the natural fibres are recyclable.

    Down and feathers

    Down and feathers are what give you the inviting comfort and natural durability in your sofa, chair or pouf. All our down and feathers are responsibly sourced, ensuring transparency and guaranteeing that they only come from animals that have been treated humanely. They also comply with Standard EN 12935, which requires that the material is sanitary and hygienic.

    Invite nature inside with rugs and baskets in handmade jute and seagrass. Natural materials that are as beautiful as they are durable – and 100% biodegradable. Jute is a decorative material woven from the strong fibres of the jute plant. Seagrass consists of dried water plants, which are dried in the sun after harvesting, and have since been used for many types of weaving.

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    Veneer is made from very thin slices of wood, cut from tree trunks, and retaining the beautiful, natural properties of solid wood in a more uniform, thin and stable shape, which also requires less raw material to produce.

    Laminate is a durable material with many beautiful possibilities, with a soft and pleasant surface that is durable and flexible. We only use HPL laminate and FENIX NTM nanolaminate, created by Italian Arpa Industriale.

    A beautiful ritual

    Sunlight, moisture, heat and time constantly affect the natural materials that surround us. When you keep a watchful eye on, and feel the surfaces, colours and expression of your furniture, you'll experience the gratifying quality of carrying out a care ritual and rediscover the unique, intrinsic qualities of each material – again and again.

    For us, quality isn't just a question of the right certifications and tests. Quality is also about creating something that lasts, which is why we have developed our own range of care products that enable you to extend the life of your furniture. Find simple care kits for your specific material and give it a little love on a regular basis.

    We only use durable, high-quality materials, and every design is designed and built to last. That's why we naturally give you a 10-year warranty on everything in our collection.