Solid wood

A durable natural material

Solid wood isn't just beautiful, it's also a durable and luxurious material that brings us closer to nature. Its tactile surface is warm, sensuous and beautiful, and every single piece of wood is unique and patinates beautifully over the years. Below you can find our care recommendations to help you maintain your wooden furniture for a lifetime.


All the wood we use is FSC®-certified. This means that it comes from responsible and legal forestry, which ensures biodiversity in the forests that the wood comes from.

White pigmented oiled oak

Oiled oak

Grey oiled oak

  • White pigmented oiled oak

  • Oiled oak

  • Grey oiled oak

Oiled walnut

Dark oiled oak

Black oiled oak

  • Oiled walnut

  • Dark oiled oak

  • Black oiled oak


    • An organic material

      Wood is a living material that over time will naturally be affected by its surroundings. A dry and warm room can cause the wood to dry out and contract, and a room with high humidity can cause the wood to expand. It's precisely because of the natural properties of the wood that proper maintenance helps extend its service life.

    Let your wooden furniture last for generations

    It's a good idea to regularly care for your solid wood. We recommend that you oil your furniture to keep it beautiful and strong. Repeat the treatment two to three times a year, or as needed. Find our care set for oiled wood here.


    If scratches or marks have appeared on the surface that are no more than 1 mm deep, these can be removed with 180 grit sandpaper. For minor scratches, we recommend our sanding sponge, which you can find in the care set here. Sand evenly and carefully – and if in doubt, ask us in your store or Customer Care before you start sanding your furniture so that we can guide you as best as possible.

    How to use the care set

    Not sure how to use your care product and how often you should repeat the care? Watch the how-to video on caring for wood here, and learn how to use your care product.