Velour and velvet

A timeless and luxurious expression

Velour and velvet fabrics catch the light in an eye-catchingly beautiful way, and are both durable and easy to maintain. Globa has a modern retro look, Linea offers a discreet and fine interplay of colours and Ritz is velour in one of the world’s best qualities – the producer is even Purveyor to the Royal Court of the Netherlands.

Linea is a classic corduroy with the fine, well-known velour lines. The fabric feels soft and inviting and has an incredible abrasion resistant quality that can also be washed at 30°. Naturally OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certified, which guarantees that the fabric is completely free of harmful chemicals.


Material: 85% Polyester / 15% Acrylic

Martindale: 100,000

Pilling: 4-5

Light fastness: 5

Country of origin: China

Globa is a luxurious upholstery fabric with striped velvet effect, reminiscent of iconic 1970s design. The fabric is woven in a special way that creates a vibrant texture that catches the light beautifully. Furthermore, Globa is OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certified, which ensures that no dangerous chemicals are used in its production.


Material: 46% Polyester / 46% Acrylic / 8% Viscose

Martindale: 25,000

Light fastness: 5

Pilling: 4-5

Country of origin: Turkey

Ritz is a classic cotton velour of the finest quality, with beautiful, deep tones and very high abrasion resistance. The Dutch manufacturer weaving the fabric is Purveyor to the Royal Court of the Netherlands – so a piece of furniture upholstered in Ritz fabric will keep you very fine company.  OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certified.


Material: 83% Cotton / 8% Polyester/  9% Viscose

Martindale: 100,000

Light fastness: 5-6

Pilling: 4

Country of origin: Netherlands

    • How to take care of velour and velvet

      We recommend that you impregnate your upholstery fabric to ensure it stays beautiful for years to come – and that you repeat the treatment a couple of times a year, or as needed. Our series of care products has been specially developed for our upholstery fabrics
      Velour and velvet are very easy to maintain – for general cleaning, we recommend regular vacuum cleaning with a soft furniture brush. Brush in the direction of the texture of the fabric and not too hard. Also use our velour and nubuck brush to easily brush and lift the pile.

      Find more tips and tricks on how to care for and clean your sofa in our guide:

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