Living room

Nice stuff is need to have.

that the living room is the heart of the home. We really do agree with them, as it is in the living room that the craziest things happen. Everything from a romantic pink proposal to hot conception and moody faints.


We eat oysters, drink soda and throw chips in this room, where shelves full of books and bric-a-brac, TV/hi-fi furniture, soft rugs, brash cushions, coffee tables and tempting sofas all have something to offer.

Because yes. At Bolia, you can put together a living room that will accommodate everything. Welcome to the stage where imagination can rage.

Sofas and Sundays. Some things are just better together

Leather with a clean conscience

All our leather materials are produced without the use of PCP or CFC and impregnated without use of fluorine-carbon and water-based impregnation fluid.

The courage to make life changes sometimes starts with a new sofa

Handmade and delivered within 2-5 weeks

We know that the wait might seem long, but we deliver as quickly as we can, and often we can hand make your new furniture and deliver it within 2-5 weeks. Isn't that worth waiting for?