Bolia Ghent

The popular flagship store is placed in an iconic 700-year-old church in the heart of the historic city, Ghent. From the outside, it looks like any other design store, with polished fronts and inspiring and intriguing windows, but when entering the store, you’ll find something quite extraordinaire, where the interior has honoured the traditional structure and settings, and now Scandinavian design embellishes the ceiling, floor and walls. The Danish design store has even become a tourist attraction for creative minds with an interest in and passion for architecture and design, where more than 130.000 people during the first year visited the store for the pure joy, arousal and astonishment the 700-year-old church brings.


When you enter a church, you’re hit with a special feeling that serves no comparison. The architecture, the beautiful old windows and arches and the impressive and awing floor-to-ceiling-heights overwhelm you and excites all your senses at once in a humbling way. Our flagship store in Ghent gives our customers a unique experience and the way the room works with and compliments our designs is truly remarkable. An intriguing and fascinating synergy occurs when something so historic and old is combined with our furniture that represents ‘New Scandinavian Design’.

Bolia Paris - in the heart of St. Germain