Caisa Modular Sofa

Caisa Modular Sofa

We know that your sofa is the focal point of your living room and the turning point of everyday life  – year after year. Caisa is designed to accommodate just that with its refined and elegant look created to survive both time and trends.

Designed by the renowned Berlin-based design studio BÖTTCHER & KAYSER the Caisa Sofa is a contemporary interpretation of classic, clean lines Scandinavian design.


    • “Our goal is to create simple yet original designs that solve a complex problem in an innovative and functional way. It’s essential that techniques, materials and aesthetics come together, and we believe that great design should challenge the conventional and mundane.”

    Caisa is a modular sofa with a simple silhouette and clear references to the very essence of Scandinavian design. The minimalist look is reinforced by elegant legs that create a luxurious weightlessness for the voluptuous modules. The legs can be positioned in different depths whether you want them shown as a part of your design or just a hidden detail.

    The armrest pillows are available in two depths, which helps divide the sofa into different sections and seating areas, and this flexibility and spaciousness make the modular sofa ideal for any home, office, hotel or lobby.

    We call it tailor-made, but the decisions are actually made by you. It’s your dreams we are crafting. You can have it however you want it, and there’s nothing wrong with being picky. We like picky. That means you have an opinion and taste. Because there is literally a million ways to combine our designs, sizes, colours and materials. You decide, and you can have your Caisa Sofa any way you want.

    So, how about combining the colour that matches your eyes with your favourite handcrafted materials? Or how about adding an extra module in case your family grows? Anything is possible. So, when we’re speaking about tailor-made, we mean it. Because No One Lives Like You.

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