Episode #2: eliminating ageing

Episode #2: eliminating ageing

The English biomedical gerontologist, Aubrey de Grey, explores and argues his most prominent viewpoint; that medical technology can turn aging backwards. Not only slowing the aging process down but defeating and reversing it all together.

The episode is part of our intriguing podcast series about the future, featuring 8 prominent thinkers, leaders and opinion makers, sharing their thought and predictions for the next 20 years. And in this episode 2, Aubrey de Grey investigates the prospects of ageing becoming obsolete. Read more about the episode below or listen right away.


Who wants to live for 1000 years? This question might not sound as absurd today as it would just 20 years ago. Dr. Aubrey de Grey’s research investigates the development of rejuvenation biotechnology - medicines that will maintain people’s health in a truly youthful state, both mentally and physically, however long ago they were born.

He explores aging differing between biological and chronological aging, and the episode begins in 2040 going back through the future ending today. He invitees you on a journey through science, time, thoughts, life expectancies and more. Saying: “Becoming old will soon cease to mean becoming aged; how soon is up to us.”

Listen to the full episode here and get ready to live forever.

Listen to the episode here


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