Episode #4: The future of empathy

Episode #4: The future of empathy

Together with eight creative thinkers, inspiring speakers and thought leaders, we are looking to the future ahead. More specifically the next 20 years, which is also the name for the intriguing podcast series we’ve created.

Specialised in different topics, each brilliant mind examines, argues and put forward creative notions and provoking predictions as to what the future entails. Covering themes such as food, sexuality, workspace, ageing and in this episode, consumer needs and empathy, explained and explored by renowned brand consultant and author, Martin Lindstrøm. Read more about Martin Lindstrøm or jump right into the episode below.


Martin Lindstrøm is a Danish brand consultant and author behind many books that delve into the mind of the consumer. Throughout marketing history, studies have identified seven Points of Market Entry. Interestingly, Covid-19 has introduced an “8th entry point,” a change so profound that it will impact every sector via a global synchronisation of human behaviour. It will establish a completely new, universal language and change of consumer patterns. Lindstrom calls it the “8EP.”

In this episode, Lindstrøm shares his thought-provoking insight into the subconscious mind of the consumer. Join along and be prepared for change.

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