Episode #6: the future of food

Episode #6: the future of food

We believe that creativity unleashes your potential and happiness. That's why we've created a special podcast series about the future. In 8 different episodes, you can meet a number of famous and inspiring people as they explore the future under the theme ‘The next 20 years’. They'll be shedding light on various topics such as sexuality, gastronomy, working life and art, and will share their ideas about the future over the next 20 years. Like David Zilber, sharing his thoughts on food, restaurants and the opposite: no restaurants at all.


David Zilber started his apprenticeship as a chef. First in his hometown Toronto, then in Vancouver, and finally he got a job at the iconic Danish restaurant Noma in 2014, where he has been head of fermentation for the last four years. Today, he is a lecturer and author, and throughout his entire career he has pushed the boundaries of fermentation and experimented with food and processes in an innovative and groundbreaking way. Taking one dish and one fermentation at a time.


Join along, when David Zilber explores how we eat and dine in the next 20 years. Take a seat and listen to the future of restaurants. Beginning with no restaurants at all.

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