Episode #8: The workspace in 2040

Episode #8: The workspace in 2040

In an inspiring, challenging and bold podcast series we’re pointing the light to the future ahead. Together with eight thought leaders, innovative speakers and clever thinkers, we’re disseminating eight different subjects sharing the future’s innate hopes, dreams, challenges, potentials and possibilities. And in this final episode, you can hear thought leader and VP of American furniture titan, Steelcase, explain the future of the workspace, and how the things we make and build will change, and a seamless integration of our digital and psychical lives will occur.


James Ludwig is VP, Global Design and Product Engineering at Steelcase Inc. James has been at Steelcase since 1999 and was named director of design shortly after in 2000. Before joining Steelcase he was a founding partner of bold:architects.desginers, a design consultancy firm based in Berlin. His time in Berlin that coincided with the time around the takedown of the Berlin Wall crystallised the way that James works and thinks with architecture and design to this day.

Listen to James Ludwig explore the creative and professional workspaces of 2040.

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