Find inspiration to create memorable dinners

Find inspiration to create memorable dinners

That quiet moment when morning turns into afternoon and evening is just a few moments away. That perfect fusion of the fleeting quality of morning and the promise of evening adventures. Find inspiration to bring these moods together with our table setting environment that's customised to create memorable dinners. For example, our tableware series, Forma adds character to any table, while the Unio tray lets you balance experiences, adventures and surprises in a stable yet elegant way.

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    • The Forma series

      Forma is a beautifully made tableware series with a characteristic appearance that radiates high quality. Each item combines a square base with a rounded top, giving the series a harmonious yet playful expression. Inspired by minimalist Japanese design language and rich traditions, Forma is handmade in durable stoneware, giving the series a timeless quality that will transcend current trends and tendencies.

    Unio is an elegant series of trays hand-formed in different finishes, each with its own distinctive appearance. The tray's elegant shape is made of only one piece of steel, making it a unique and distinctive design. The series is designed by the German duo, BÖTTCHER & KAYSER, and comes in several sizes and designs of the highest quality. Each tray has a discreet cut-out detail that doubles up as a handle and an aesthetic feature.

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