How to bring nature inside

How to bring nature inside

… by choosing different flowers from the vivid landscape around you. We know that arranging them can be tricky, as we all strive for that effortless, natural look, so here’s a simple and inspirational guide - whether you want to go the minimalist route or add dimension to your bouquet.

Cut the stems

First things first. And when making your floral creation, first thing you should do is cut the stems, preferably at a 45-degree angle creating a bigger surface for the flower’s water intake and to make them last longer. If you have flowers with woodier stems, it’s a good idea to gently smash the ends a bit to help them absorb the water better. And both for aesthetic and practical reasons you should remove all the leaves below the waterline.

To ease up your flower game you should use narrow-mouth vases as it will help hold the flowers closer together and create fullness. You can also play with different sizes and shapes, like high and skinny or short and voluminous.

It’s time to let your creativity bloom. Assembling your arrangement, it’s best to add in odd numbers to create that natural airy look and place the bigger flowers in the center of the vase. Add lighter and more elegant flowers around the middle and for an even more playful and fuller illusion you can cut the stems in different lengths. And if you, like us prefer zero-waste, you can arrange your leftover flowers in smaller vases and place them beautifully in small groups.

Katrine Ring

Bolia Copenhagen – The King’s Garden