Noora Modular Sofa

Noora Modular Sofa

Whether you're into simplicity, voluptuous curves or practicality - Noora has it all. Noora is a modular sofa with an elegant exterior and a sustainable interior. Made by a combination of veneer and solid, sustainable wood from European forestry, Noora is built to last. Two different seat depths and various colour combinations give you the freedom to create a sofa that matches your needs and wants and will fit your home tirelessly year after year.

    • It's all in the detail

      No doubt that Noora looks soft and inviting at first sight, but if you take an even closer look, you’ll find fine and neat hand-sewn details on all pillows. A detail that doesn’t pop, but just silently understates the luxurious craft that has been put into the design. With its small details, Noora perfectly balances the clean Scandinavian minimalism with proud craftsmen traditions.

    And you can, like all our sofas, have Noora the exact way you want. You can choose your own colour and upholstery to create a sofa that fits perfectly into your home. All our sofas are also made using the best, sustainable materials, ensuring you many good and beautiful years in the softest company.

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