Take comfort outdoors

Take comfort outdoors

The sofa for enjoying the first rays of spring and the late, light summer evenings. Developed and designed for outdoor use, Orlando Outdoor is a sofa you can safely leave overnight on the patio, and it's the perfect partner for embracing spring in and with.


    • By Glismand & RĂ¼diger

      The Danish design duo, Glismand & RĂ¼diger, have developed the outdoor version of the sofa classic, Orlando. The purpose was to create a sofa 100% designed for outdoor use, without compromising on either the comfort or aesthetics. That's why the Danish duo, in collaboration with our skilled manufacturers, carefully considered all aspects of durability, abrasion resistance, sustainability and usability from the outset. An innovative sofa model formed and designed with a clear purpose, which is present in all materials and every detail. A perfect design and a beautiful fusion of practicality, aesthetics and user friendliness. Completely true to the design philosophy that we share with the designers.

    The soft cushions share the same firm upholstered expression as the original, and the cushion design allows water to run directly off it and will dry in just a few hours, while the frame is made of aluminium to avoid rusting. The modules are also designed with accompanying stone tops in a matching size that can serve as table tops and resting places for iced coffee, a glass of rosé and all the other things you love to enjoy outside when the sun is showing its best side.

    Orlando Outdoor is available in two different colours and is upholstered with Leaf, which is specially designed for outdoor use.

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    Modular possibilities

    Like the original, Orlando Outdoor has a modular construction. It comes in various modules that can be put together to accommodate your wishes and needs of all sizes. Combine several modules together or let a single element stand alone as an elegant and luxurious sun lounger on the patio. See all the options here, or visit your nearest store and experience the modular sofa with your own eyes.

    ... that you add a cover to protect your sofa, so you ensure it will last for many years to come?

    ... that you match Orlando Outdoor with our Classic Outdoor cushions in Ocean fabric, which has also been specially developed for outdoor use, and which complements both the appearance and the function.

    Soft textures and new certifications

    Luxe Soundsystem: A fusion of aesthetics and sound experiences