The Graceful series

The Graceful series

All our designs have a story. A story of craftsmanship and sustainability, and the Graceful series is no exception. Michael H. Nielsen, the designer behind the series, has created the series based on the motto 'less is more' – with an elegantly understated design, where the details are kept to a minimum to give the simple design language space to breathe.

The table top features an unbroken surface, which is based on the extensive craftsmanship and skills necessary to balance simple aesthetics with enduring functionality. It is elevated by four outward sloping legs, which create space and the appearance of floating weightlessness. A design that reflects the values of Scandinavian design and craftsmanship traditions.

The Graceful series consists of both desks and dining tables, and is made from solid FSC-certified wood in a green factory, where all the materials are either reused or recycled. Beautiful, solid tables in either oiled oak, white-pigmented or black-stained oiled oak, which are designed to last and be cherished for generations.

    • Graceful Desk

      Your creativity and productive focus are affected by the space in which you work and by the furniture you surround yourself with. With its uncluttered and light design, the Graceful desk is the perfect starting point for creating good ideas and great thoughts. Wood is a warm and inspiring material that sharpens your presence in the room and gives you peace for reflection.

    • Graceful Dining Table

      The dining table is the family’s focal point, and Graceful provides the most beautiful setting for socialising, no matter how many people you are. The large table top, and the outward sloping legs create plenty of space for everyone around the table, and the tactile wooden surface invites long, warm conversations.

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