The sound of Bolia

The sound of Bolia

In Bolia we're inspired by music, and especially the electronic kind. That's why we're presenting a new electronic sound that for us captures the essence of Scandinavia and Bolia. The sound is the result of a creative collaboration between Stella Polaris, Uncle Grey and Bolia, which has resulted in a unique limited-edition vinyl, Bolia Underground Sound.

The vinyl features the song 'Always', sung by Ida Wenøe, whose distinctive and fragile voice has an almost authoritative hold over the listener. Ida Wenøe is a true storyteller, who captivates and invites the listener on a journey into a universe of poetry, where Nicka Kirstejn and Andreas Arentoft Bindslev have produced a dark electronic composition that camouflages and makes a sharp contrast against Ida's delicate voice, and together, it creates a dynamic yet calming story.

'Always' is inspired by Massive Attack's 'Unfinished Sympathy' and the lyrics were inspired by the dreamy universe created by Emmylou Harris through 'All my tears'. The vinyl is produced in 200 copies and is not available in a digital format. A deliberate choice to honour the quality, special sound and atmosphere a vinyl creates.

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The collaboration between Stella Polaris and Bolia started in 2012 and has since released several creative offerings, most recently the dreamy and melodic number, Always, sung by Ida Wenøe. Together with Stella Polaris, Uncle Grey and the artists behind the song, we have created a dynamic and dreamy sound, which represents our creative offering as the sound of Bolia and Scandinavia over the coming years. The creative collaboration has resulted in an exclusive vinyl, a true collector's item, where both the sound and appearance are understatedly simple, allowing the story to take center stage.

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