Which sofa will you choose?

Which sofa will you choose?

The sofa is the focal point of the living room, the turning point of everyday life and the weekend's gathering point – year after year. But which should you choose if your home is small, slanted, big or narrow? Get to know the different sofa models to make sure your next sofa will be your last.


The modular sofa

Series-binging Sundays, outstretched evenings and low backrests perfect for your tablet or coffee cup? The different modules can be combined in different ways, stand alone or be part of a larger constellation.

A 2-seater sofa is a classic choice that doesn't require as much room as, for example, a modular sofa. A 2-seater works alone or as part of a furniture set-up where there needs to be enough space for both armchairs and a sofa. A 2-seater sofa is ideal for smaller homes, where a sofa has more purposes than just a seat.


Do you live in a studio apartment or do you often have expected or unexpected guests visiting you? A sofa bed combines practicality with beauty and gives you plenty of room for spontaneity. Our classic Scandinavia sofa series comes as a sofa bed and owns the world's most elegant and lightweight fold-out mechanism that only requires a steady hand.

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Martindale, pilling and light fastness

When you shop for sofas, you'll come across these three words, which all refer to a sofa's durability. Familiarise yourself with them, to help make you better equipped to choose your new sofa cover.


Martindale describes the abrasion resistance of a furniture upholstery and is measured on a scale of 10,000-120,000. 10,000 is sufficient for daily use, while public spaces require a martindale of 80,000 and above.


Pilling is a term used to describe small fabric balls that form on the surface of a fabric as a result of friction. Pilling is evaluated on a scale of 1-5, where 5 is best. Initially, excess fibres will become loose, but this is quite normal and the fibres can be removed with a special lint remover.

Light fastness

Light fastness describes a fabric's ability to withstand sunlight, and various fabrics have different levels of light fastness and tendency to fade. Nylon and cotton usually have a low light fastness, while wool, acrylic and polyester have a higher one. Light fastness ranges from 1-8, where 8 is best.

Whether you're into simplicity, voluptuous curves or practicality, you can choose your own colour, filling, legs and upholstery to create a sofa that fits perfectly into your home. All our sofas are also made using the best, sustainable materials, ensuring you many good and beautiful years in the softest company.


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