Benditas Studio

Benditas Studio, Spain

Benditas is an innovation-driven design studio based in Barcelona working within the fields of product design, art direction and design strategy.
In Benditas our creative goal applies wide-ranging energy to find solutions for day-to-day problems with a transversal vision, interconnecting knowledge, specialties and sensitivities.
Our design is characterized by simple shape and form with detail that gives character to the object in question. Often these small details offer relevance when formalizing a use and purpose while personalizing aesthetics.

Exchanging knowledge with fellow artisans is a vital and continuous aspect in our creative process. Through this constant symbiosis we bring our products to life. Our creations are the result of an intimate and purposeful interaction encompassing traditional, modern and contemporary techniques.
Sustainability is essential in the creative process at Benditas. We work constantly to cause minimum impact on the planet.