Natural materials, tones and colours with a playful edge, a comfortable softness and a natural durability. Our new rugs and mirrors each have their own distinctive expression, all with a natural aesthetic and sensibility.

Vira Rug : Designed by Bolia Design Team

Vira is a handwoven rug made from 100% jute that is both 100% biodegradable and recyclable, giving the design a natural and raw outset. The aesthetics are clean with a rural touch that makes a compelling addition to the living room or hall area. Available in different sizes the series fits perfectly in smaller or bigger homes, and the rich expression draws both eyes and mind, making each rug a strong piece, designed to bring nature and calming sensitivities inside.

Vilde Rug : Designed by Bolia Design Team

With exclusive notes and characteristics, Vilde brings something truly special to the floor. Made of wool and flax, the rug holds a distinctive, contradicting yet beautiful expression. The different materials play off each other inviting the beholder to investigate and explore the contrasting tactility and play of colours. Vilde is woven on a cotton warp and loom woven adding appeal and charisma to each rug.

Edla Rug: Designed by Bolia Design Team

With inspiration from nature Edla was shaped into a timeless design. A hand-tufted rug with a simple yet curious expression, made from wool and woven on a cotton warp. The beautiful motif is formed by cutting small round pieces in different sizes meticulously joined in a subtle and vivid pattern. The detailing allows for a beautiful feature where lighting is reflected differently in the surface creating small islands for the beholder. A beautiful rug with clear references to nature and with durable traits emphasised by a solar production and quality techniques.