Calming light

As spring unfolds and slowly turns into summer, all the trees and plants take on beautiful and warmer shades. A natural transition that inspires change, bringing with it a sense of renewal, life and warmth. When nature’s colours and shapes are invited inside, they form a natural oasis that enables you to rediscover and recreate the tranquillity of nature. 

A warm white atmosphere with green spring notes in full bloom. Inspired by nature, an airy, playful and light expression is created, supported by soothing and tactile upholstery fabrics such as linen, bouclé or wool in beautiful and calm beige shades. Solid oiled wood and other natural materials such as hemp, cork and paper braid define a clear reference to Scandinavian nature and superior craftsmanship. All radiating a sense of understated luxury.

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We wish to inspire you to create your own silent retreat, your creative space and beautiful surrounding. All by sharing our interior know-how, our passion for New Scandinavian Design and our love for sustainable choices. Stop by one of our stores for further guidance, inspiration and to see and feel the many fabrics, leathers, marbles, wood types and much more. We invite you to explore, and we’re ready to help you any which way we can.

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