Quiet breeze

We enter the season where nature nakedly expresses itself free of leaves and colours in its purest and most honest form. In winter, beautiful, delicate ice flowers appear – frosted and sparking while nature holds its breath and rests. Fluffy flakes gently fade into the starry skies, and it feels like everything is slowing down as you seek peace and create your own natural retreat.

A universe rooted in an elegant expression of grey and ice-blue tones with natural references to snow, cosiness, coffee and fireplace. Clean surfaces, interpreted in handmade steel, beautiful porcelain, luxurious wood and clear textile colours, provide peace of mind. Unique handmade designs in ceramic or clear, structured or tinted glass find their way into our homes.

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We wish to inspire you to create your own silent retreat, your creative space and beautiful surrounding. All by sharing our interior know-how, our passion for New Scandinavian Design and our love for sustainable choices. Stop by one of our stores for further guidance, inspiration and to see and feel the many fabrics, leathers, marbles, wood types and much more. We invite you to explore, and we’re ready to help you any which way we can.

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