Built with respect

Every Bolia store is designed with respect for its surroundings and as a tribute to the city in which it belongs. We love finding unique buildings with a distinct character and design heritage, and putting our own stamp on the architecture by filling it with beautiful Scandinavian design. A world that invites peace and reflection, and most importantly, lets inspiration and creativity flourish – all at your very own pace. Take a look at some of our stores, their unique locations and the stories they have to tell.

Bolia Marseille

On the lively Rue Faidherbe in the heart of the French city of Lille, 500 square metres of pure design inspiration is located on an eye-catching corner. Here you’ll find a Bolia store housed in a magnificent building with high, arched windows that create an alluring fall of light and a beautiful setting for our universe.

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Bolia Paris Sébastopol

In the creative French city of Lyon, you’ll find us on a corner of beautiful Rue Grolée. A design store that invites all your senses on an inspiring journey through the amazing backdrop of the building we have made our home in.

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Bolia Cannes

Our Luxembourg store is located in a lively street, surrounded by exclusive neighbours. Comprising four floors and an impressive 1,300 square metres of stylish design, the store is the biggest store in Bolia’s history. Here, our creativity is given a free rein, enabling you to be inspired by skilled craftsmanship, natural qualities and beautiful Scandinavian design in muted tones, as you explore the elegant and tranquil environments. We look forward to welcoming you.

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Bolia Trianglen

Every single Bolia store has something special to offer and is built with respect for the surroundings, architecture and history. And the history is of particular importance in the Aalborg store, which is located on Danmarksgade 27B. Since 1841, the iconic building has served as community housing, and today the distinctive facade is home to Scandinavian design. The original details have been kept inside and out, and as you step inside the impressive doorway, the historic story merges with the light design universe. Danmarksgade 27B is definitely worth a visit. 

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The first store we opened in Paris is located in the middle of the exclusive and historic Boulevard Saint-Germain, and stretches over three different floors. Each floor gives you an extraordinary experience that appeals to all your senses, from electronic music to organic coffee. 

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In the 1930s, the building was home to an exclusive brothel, where heavy, draped curtains created a discreet backdrop. The brothel was later turned into a locally known bakery – and today Scandinavian design and clean silhouettes adorn the facades and walls.  The building serves as a vibrant and historic home for our Berlin Mitte store, beautifully located in a neighbourhood that is both sophisticated and urban, where different cultures, stories, and traditions meet. The busy city life, brimming with architecture, food, design and culture, creates a vibrant setting for our shop, which invites customers inside to enjoy a world of Scandinavian design.

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Bolia Munich

Since 2007, Bolia Aarhus – our flagship store – has been located in DSB’s former main workshop for the state railways of Jutland and Funen. The workshop was established in 1862, and in November 2005 it was added to the Ministry of Culture’s list of protected and conservation-worthy buildings. In 2007, Bolia Aarhus moved into the lower ground floor while Bolia Headquarters was established right above the store.

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    • Bolia The Hague

      Nestled among art galleries, fashion shops, a vibrant café scene and Michelin-worthy restaurants, you'll find our concept store in The Hague. Beautifully located in the old town with the Dutch royal family's squares within walking distance, our three-floor design shop proudly stands in the middle of the famous shopping area, Noordeinde. Housed in an old building, full of history and well-preserved structures, new Scandinavian design is merged with the authentic atmosphere of local history.

    • Bolia Breda

      When we are looking for the perfect setting for a new Bolia store, we always strive to find our very own little piece of local history. We love the honesty and authenticity of historical structures, and we always do our best to preserve them as much as possible – especially the small meticulous details that give the space its unforgettable character.
      Our design universe in Breda is no exception, and we have even been lucky enough to meet our store’s beautiful past in person. Mr. Mannaert lived in the building when he was a little boy and the unicorn on the fireplace is his family’s coat of arms. We are so grateful for all the inspiring stories he has shared with us about the store, and we look forward to taking good care of Breda’s cultural heritage and Mr. Mannaert’s childhood home for many years to come.

    Bolia Gent

    Located in an iconic 700-year-old church, our Gent store pays tribute to the history and traditional structure and surroundings of the original building, while taking you on an unforgettable journey through culture and history.

    • Bolia Brussels

      You'll find our largest concept store in Belgium, situated in a beautiful and central location in Brussels. Located on the charming and elegant Avenue Louise, which exudes a modern and luxurious atmosphere, and where international brands create an exclusive setting, is our 600 m2 universe of Scandinavian inspiration.

    Bolia Vienna

    In the beautiful, historic city of Vienna, in the heart of the exclusive banking district, where building facades are adorned with inspiring and impressive architecture, is one of our Austrian stores. Since it was built in 1878, the building has always been used as a café on two floors, but has now been fully renovated to recreate a Scandinavian oasis. Today, every centimetre of the 450 m2 building is used to tell an inspiring Scandinavian design story – and just like when there was a café here, we still offer a cup of organic coffee whenever you visit us.

    Bolia Oslo

    One of our largest stores is located in the Norwegian capital, Oslo, beautifully situated alongside the historical figure on Henrik Ibsens Gate – a Norwegian writer, whose stories are still creating ripples. As does our Bolia store, which has 900 m2 of inspiring and creative possibilities waiting for you to explore. Our Scandinavian universe is spread over two floors and the atmosphere is very influenced by its Nordic surroundings, where historical and contemporary elements go hand in hand.

    Our Copenhagen flagship store is located in the heart of the beautiful Danish capital. It is situated close to Kongens Have – Denmark’s oldest royal castle garden – and is housed in a five-storey, red brick building, and is definitely worth a visit.

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    • Bolia Geneva

      One of the oldest buildings in Geneva is located at an exclusive address, surrounded by impressive architecture and facade windows. The building, which today is brimming with Scandinavian design, is a Swiss landmark that has set the scene for the most historic and exclusive area of Geneva since 1907. The area is known for its fashionable and cool shops, where designer brands and high-end stores are located alongside each other. Our beautiful design shop is nestled right in the middle of this, with its architectural and clean lines, and every centimetre tells an exclusive story about sustainable design of the highest quality and where the staff are waiting to meet precisely you.

    Bolia Den Bosch