A fresh sound

A fresh sound

Take a break from the crazy but wonderful everyday life. Slow down, unwind and get carried away by a beautiful, distinctive sound presented by the talented DJ; Christian d’Or. Each year we invite DJ’s to express their sound in a creative Sofa Sessions universe, where our sofa is the comfortable and inviting backdrop. A perfect occasion for slowing down, and let bygones be bygones. Read more about the rising Danish star below.


Somewhere in between legend and rising star is where you’ll find Copenhagen DJ & producer/vocalist Christian d’Or. With his Disco Dick parties at the now infamous Bakken, d’Or played a big part in the reshaping of the old Meat Packing District into a serious party mecca for Copenhagen trend-setting youths.

While the Disco Dick project culminated in 2013 with the cheeky lo-fi disco-pop single “Hot Pants”, this proved to be only the beginning of his career as a recording artist. As d’Or teamed up with Danish pop artist Vinnie Who for the self-released 12” “Bijoux” the following year: the epic dark disco duet would soon lead the partnership onwards to the release of the “Tough Soul” EP, which found a home with the label Sound Of Copenhagen started by the late Kjeld Tolstrup.


This fall, d'Or and Toby Ernest made the Alessi Brothers' 70es classic 'Seabird' fly again in a heartfelt duet on Kasper Bjørke EP, and 2020 sees the release of a new Christian d'Or EP on King of Kong.

Always aiming a bit below the belt, Christians public image has always hinted at the humorous decadence and sexual energy of the original disco scene of the 1970’s. But far from simple gimmicks, the musical depth of d’Ors selections behind the decks speak of an eclectic vision way beyond the confines of simple genres. Without compromising, d’Or has made a mark on Copenhagen as a DJ who can both entertain and innovate.


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