The experienced sound

The experienced sound

See and hear the talented and most experienced DJ in our fold; DJ Claus Green. For more than 40 years he has explored, innovated and stayed curious in his own field, and now he showcases his distinctive sound in a beautiful Sofa Session. Take a seat, take a coffee and take a well-deserved break while listening to this pulsating mixture, where craft, curiosity and experience are beautifully fused.

DJ Claus Green has been a part of the Danish DJ house scene for many decades. Starting out playing house in the mid 80`s, and still now, after 40 years, working fulltime, sharing his signature sound in Denmark and Norway. He won the Danish MIX Battle in 2003, and still, to this day, is unfolding and improving his sound getting inspired by the classics, honouring and revitalising them simultaneously.

He’s passionate about all kinds of house, but has his speciality in the deep house sound, and intrigued by the disco house music. And when he performs he mixes all kinds of genres from classics, house, disco, hip hop, dance to achieve that distinctive sound he’s known and loved for.


In a creative setting

A fresh sound