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Inspired by the vivid Scandinavian nature around us, our new collection is brought to life. From the peaceful flatlands and the wild, towering mountains to the refreshing beech forests and the subtle earth-toned fields with waving reed. From the warm summer nights and the bright cold winters to the windy autumn days and the first rays of sun during spring.


Every single design is made from authentic and natural materials, tailor-made and perfected by hand and built to last. Welcome to a world of tranquillity. Welcome to a new collection.

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The Danish design duo, Glismand & Rüdiger, have embarked upon a passionate and sustainable experiment. An experiment with a clear sustainable idea of using only recycled and reusable materials like surplus foam from local manufacturers. Recover's covers are removable, which prolongs the sofa's life, and the sofa consists of exclusively recycled and reusable foam blocks, ensuring a durable and firm construction, supplemented by a fine latex filling that adds superior comfort and a lounge-like profile to the design. FSC-certified wood serves as a solid base underneath the foam filling, holding everything in place and emphasising the sofa's exemplary qualities as a true sustainable design created to last for generations. And maybe even forever.

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Alp is designed by the Spanish duo, Ramos Bassols, and is an exclusive series of dining tables and benches. A design with stringent, graphic lines and eye-catching simplicity that gives it an almost picturesque feel. All designs in the series are made of solid, FSC-certified wood with an understated and natural expression that is emphasised by the clean and architectural contours, meticulously incorporated details and direct yet elegant design language that is sure to win over even the most critical eye.

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Forma is a series comprising a quality service with a characteristically elegant and timeless expression. Each item combines a square base with a rounded top, giving the series a harmonious yet playful expression. Forma is inspired by the minimalist Japanese design language and traditions and handmade in durable stoneware, which gives the series a timeless character.

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A shining example of sustainability

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